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First of all I like your idea, //Even though I won’t be able to do the GSoC 2012 I want to contribute with Fedora to improve the technical and communication skills.//

Under proposal Description, I think you didnt get the meaning of The need you believe it fulfills, It asks what needs, your solution fulfills, actually it will be more clear in this way, The need, you believe it fulfills.

How do you intend to implement your proposal, here you should give some technical accepts how your solution will get into working status. Technologies and the rough plan, kind of idea. Please feel free to use sketches if requires. It saves lot of words.

I think it is good if you note things clearly under An overview of your proposal. It is good if this section contains a brief overview in point form, what facilities your solution provides. How you implement your solution can be noted under How do you intend to implement your proposal.

Please consider using images/ sketches so that you can deliver your point clearly and it is easy for us to understand those. You have 3-4 days so make sure proposal more understandable and structured.

Tatica and Asrob will comment on technical features and functionality required.

--Bckurera 18:25, 2 April 2012 (UTC)