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Need meaningful packages

In the feature request was a list of packages, mostly no count. However there were two packages on the list, Meep and Frob, which seemed especially interesting. Some of the packages listed here, of course, are libraries which complete the language environment. But many are nothing more than yet another editor, yet another window manager, yet another revision control system, and we have multiple compilers.

Wouldn't it be more useful from the standpoint of showcasing Haskell to provide some brand new functionality, rather than saying "see, we're almost as good as (name your language that also provides an 'X' written in 'my favorite language')".

Now I have used neither Meep nor Frob, so perhaps they are junk. But it seems to me that we would like some new capability to show off (and for me to write about -G-).


- I only just saw this today for the first time, sorry!! Not sure which feature request this was referring to... (Unfortunately as of 1.0 Meep is no longer generating code with Haskell. I agree that it would be nice to have some Functional Reactive Programming libraries in Fedora - perhaps nowadays Yampa or Reactive Banana...) We certainly need more killer applications in Haskell - perhaps currently pandoc, xmonad, and git-annex (and perhaps darcs and hledger) are the more compelling ones - but +1 to more and greater. --Petersen (talk) 06:45, 28 November 2012 (UTC)