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The mission of the Haskell Special Interest Group is to maintain, grow, and guide the packaging of Haskell projects in Fedora.


Mailing lists

We have two mailing-lists:

Matrix and IRC

  • Matrix room:


Follow us on Twitter.

Package versions

GHC and Stackage LTS versions

  • F39 has ghc-9.4.5 and Stackage LTS 21
  • F38 has ghc-9.2.6 and Stackage LTS 20
  • EPEL9 has ghc-8.10.7 and Stackage LTS 18
  • EPEL8 currently has ghc-8.2.2
  • EPEL7 has ghc-7.6.3 and haskell-platform-2013.2.0.0

See Haskell_Stackage_LTS and Haskell_Platform for older releases.

See Haskell_GHC_LLVM for llvm version requirements.

GHC X.Y packages

These GHC package are available for current Fedora releases and EPEL 9:

  • ghc8.10 (8.10.7) (not F37 or epel9)
  • ghc9.0 (9.0.2)
  • ghc9.2 (9.2.8)
  • ghc9.4 (9.4.5)
  • ghc9.6 (9.6.2)

They can be parallel installed.

  • If you want to make one of them default install ghcX.Y-compiler-default

Note the former ghc module streams are now deprecated.

Haskell Coprs

Coprs for EPEL 7

These versions of ghc are available:

If you have Fedora Haskell libraries installed which are not part of ghc, you will need to remove them all first (easiest just to remove ghc-base) to avoid package dependency conflicts


  • ghc-9.4
  • add cabal-installX.Y
  • help improve FedoraReview/plugins/
  • document ghc and package update workflow (GHC_Update_SOP)
  • package larger subset of LTS in Copr


New Package Process

Package reviews

"ghc" or "haskell" package reviews

Other links:

(Previously we tracked package review requests CC to

Open haskell-devel package reviews which are split into



Non-review bugs can be split into:

All open Haskell bugs

See also the package review links in the Packaging section.


Active packagers and package maintainers:

Earlier contributors: