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Spin submission process

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  • What is the target audience for this spin? Beginners, advanced users, experts? This could also affect the used packages (imho emelfm's target is not beginners) SebastianVahl
    • Perhaps users who cannot afford to upgrade their hardware? For example, in the rural or inner cities areas in America, or in the poorer countries elsewhere in the world?

ConsoleKit support in slim/xdm

  • ATM both login managers don't support ConsoleKit. This would prevent fast user switching and mounting removable devices (eg. via gnome-mount) and maybe other stuff via hal. SebastianVahl
    • this should have already been fixed:
    • IMO fast user switching is something we can ignore in the light spin. It is most likely that nobody will ever use it if his computer already suffers from limited resources with one user logged in. ChristophWickert
    • With gdm we could have fast user switching, I just enabled in lxsession. Nevertheless I tend to stick with SLiM. --Cwickert 04:58, 4 January 2009 (UTC)


You wrote several times to not have apps which require GConf. Don't you want apps that _use_ Gconf or don't you want GConf on the live images at all? The latter would be hard to realize because anaconda requires system-config-keyboard which requires firstboot. And firstboot requires metacity (and so GConf and some other Gnome stuff). Eg.: GConf, Metacity and some other Gnome packages are also on the KDE live images. It's not that easy (or maybe impossible in Fedora at this time) to break this dependency chain up. SebastianVahl

I know excluding GConf isn't possible ATM, but I'm happy if it's not needed for runtime of the desktop. ChristophWickert



  • Make Anaconda work with less RAM?
    • I have hard to believe that this stripping down is useful when installer doesn't work with less 512MB of RAM. :-( MatejCepl
    • Huh? I remember I did a graphical install of F7 on a laptop with 256 MB of RAM. ChristophWickert
    • Anaconda doing a live install will require less RAM (as it's not doing package installs). Your biggest RAM requirement will be that changes to the live image are kept in RAM and so lower RAM systems suffer on the live images. Requiring that they use persistence (which is landing in Fedora 9) will help, but make things less easy (katzj)
    • How about a making the spin available for us PPC64/PS3 folks? Did graphical install/update/upgrade of F10/F11P on PS3 over weekend, also with only 256 MB of RAM (wink! wink!). Don't mind (much) the snail's pace of the install, but would like to get to LDXE/F11 heaven without spending the entire weekend in Anaconda blue screen hell! Willing to help if you don't have the hardware available. mmyoung2


  • gstreamer
  • gconf

Package Selection Proposal

In addition to the packages already provided by LXDE here is a proposal for packages for the livecd.

Terminal Emulator LXTerminal X roxterm, xterm X
Web Browser Midori X Kazehakase, UZLB, Skipstone X/-/-
Email Client sylpheed X claws-mail X
Instant Messaging ayttm? X
IRC lostirc X xchat X
Bittorrent transmission X bittorrent-gui, torium X
Office abiword, gnumeric X Siag Office orphaned
Calendar Osmo X dayplanner X
Document Viewer E-PDF X gv X
Audio Player lxmusic X audacious, quodlibet, eina X
Movie Player gxine X whaawmp X
CD Ripper asunder X grip X
Disc Burning gnomebaker ? X SimpleBurn -
Image manipulation mtpaint X
Login Manager SLiM X lxdm X
Calculator galculator X xcalc X
Clipboard Manager parcellite X
Wireless NetworkManager-gnome wicd, Wifi Radar

Proposed applications

  • For IM and IRC, I propose Pidgin, considering that it works as both the IM Client and IRC solution. - JuanRodriguezMoreno
    • but this would pull in gconf _and_ gstreamer again ... - ChristophWickert
    • pidgin sucks, because it requires a lot of stuff (evolution-data-server, pango), shouldn't we say that our users shouldn't use anything else than Jabber (and IRC via irssi or xchat) and then we can use tkabber (never used, so I am not exactly sure how lightweight it really is). MatejCepl

Suggestions from SebastianVahl

  • Multimedia Engine: xine or gstreamer (IMHO the latter would be better)
    • I suggest Xine, IMO gstreamer would blow things up to much. ChristophWickert
    • Movie Player: whaawmp (somehow broken atm; not in Fedora) or gxine (in Fedora) SebastianVahl
      • whaawmp is definitively worth a look if we decide to use gsteamer, otherwise I agree with gxine ChristophWickert
      • whaawmp has one disadvantage in my eyes: it prints a confusing error message when a needed codec for a file isn't installed. SebastianVahl
  • Instant Messanging: licq? (never used it; in Fedora)
    • licq would be good because it also ships a gtk interface, but for me it was crashing very often when I tested it :( ChristophWickert
    • The basic licq package in Fedora has a Qt frontend and so Qt as a dependency. And licq-icqnd (the gtk frontend) requires it.

* Additional tools for openbox: obconf, obmenu, with xdg pipe menu )

    • good Idea, I added obconf to the lxde-desktop comps group. The pipe menu is already in the fedora openbox package, so I modified the config in lxde-common to take advantage of it.


  • Inclusion of system-config tools
  • Remove locales or docs to minimize the space requirements?