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Thu March 19, 2009 From 12:00 to 21:00 UTC (8am -> 5pm EDT) #fedora-qa)

What to test?[edit]

Today's instalment of Fedora Test Day will focus on:

  • Xfce 4.6 (in Rawhide).

Who's available[edit]

The following cast of characters will be available for testing, workarounds, bug fixes, and general discussion ...

What's needed to test[edit]

  • Rawhide (tips on installing Rawhide below), or the live CD available for this test day (again see below).
  • Xfce installed (yum install @XFCE)
  • For the Fedora 10 to 11 upgrade test case, Fedora 10 with Xfce installed and updated to latest Fedora 10 update status
no animals will be hurt during testing

How to test[edit]

Update your machine[edit]

See the instructions on the Rawhide page on the various ways in which you can install or update to Rawhide.

Live Image[edit]

Optionally, you may download a non-destructive rawhide live image for your architecture:

The Live images used for the XFCE test day are no longer available. The links above point to the F-11-Beta XFCE live images which will be released with F-11-Beta is available. Check your local listings.

Tips on using a live image are available at FedoraLiveCD.

Note: Creating a LiveUSB of this rawhide image requires the latest version of syslinux, which is currently available in Rawhide and in the latest Windows liveusb-creator. Users of F10 and below can yum --enablerepo=rawhide update syslinux


There is one specific test case: Fedora 10 to 11 upgrade for Xfce. This tests upgrading from Fedora 10 to Fedora 11 with Xfce installed. Please perform this test if you can.

Beyond this, please just install Xfce on Rawhide - yum install @XFCE - and check that everything within Xfce you expect to work, does work. In particular, check that all the configuration applets work correctly. As it's fairly obvious how to test these, we decided not to include specific test cases for each applet; just run each one, and check that changing the settings has the intended effect. If you find any problems, please say so in the IRC chat session.

Notes from testing / Non-Bugzilla issues[edit]

MichalNowak (mnowak)[edit]

What I didn't like on XFce 4.6[edit]
  • ugly fonts on start / enable anti-aliasing (have "-", expected "check" there)
  • "slow" start: nothing happens on the screen for the 10 s and then, suddenly, is everything on. Cursor might "scroll" at least
  • re-sizing Firefox is quite slow, whether composite, or not
  • how to start Tomboy? (other than tomboy in term)
  • Duplicates in Menu -> Preferences (like Input Method, Preferred Apps, ...)
    • thats gnome-default-applications vs exo-preferred-applications (already filed as bug # 488558) and im-chooser vs imsettings-xfce. --Cwickert 00:00, 20 March 2009 (UTC)
  • "About XFCE 4": all text fields are "editable", need to scroll horizontally "BSDL" and "GPL", what's "BSDL" anyway...?
What worked well[edit]
  • zero-problem composite with Nouveau drivers
  • fast file manager Thunar
  • apps do the same as with Metacity/GNOME
Howto [1] test results[edit]
OK           * confirm gdm offers Xfce4 as a session type
OK           * confirm you can select this session and login
FAIL #491126 * confirm settings changes can be made and saved, and are found after a logout/login cycle.
OK           * confirm day to day desktop functions are working.
OK           * confirm all settings dialogs come up and work.
NO (pulse)   * confirm xfce4-mixer starts and can manage any sound card(s).