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Transtats Project

Transtats is a web application which tries to tie up upstream repositories, translation platforms, build system, and product release schedule together to solve problems of mismatch, out-of-sync conditions and to assist the timely packaging of quality translations. Actually, it collects translation data, analyzes them, and creates meaningful representations. Fedora Transtats is hosted at

Transtats Landing Page

Idea is if we can have translation status of the package for downstream (example: Fedora releases) with respect to current development. An attempt to tie up loose ends and then, may be automate some of the steps. Concept is based on syncing with translation platform for statistics (How progress is going?), comparing stats with release streams (Is latest translations packaged?), managing translation differences (What piece of translation cause an error or left to get translated or ..?), keep upstream updated (May be update upstream with translations?) and create notifications (Based on release dates: to Developers, Quality Engineers and Managers?).

Transtats Architecture

Learning More

Read magazine post and docs to dive deep! The project has been covered at flock conference a couple of times:

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Bugs and Requests

Feel free to open an issue and help us to look into the problem/request.


Awesome folks from fedora g11n, i18n, l10n, Infra and QA teams!

As well as source repository contributors transtats, transtats-cli,