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This install verifies that installing Fedora alongside an existing Windows installation works correctly.


  1. Prepare a system with a Windows installation, and some free disk space on the same disk as the Windows installation

How to test

  1. Boot the installer using any available means
  2. Choose an appropriate installation source, such as NFS or HTTP
  3. Choose to install a bootloader to the MBR of the disk which will have Windows and Fedora on it (this should be the default)
  4. Choose the 'Use free space' partitioning method
  5. Proceed with installation

Expected Results

  1. Fedora should be installed in the available free space with a reasonable partition layout
  2. The Windows partition should not be touched
  3. A bootloader should be installed and configured such that, on boot of the system, you are presented with a menu which allows you to choose between booting Fedora with any installed kernel, or booting Windows
  4. The Fedora and Windows options should each correctly trigger the boot of the respective operating systems