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Fedora images (defined below) are named according to this scheme:


Fields may only contain ASCII alphanumeric characters and underscores. Particularly of note, the character '-' is reserved for use as a field separator. No field may itself contain that character.

Any image that forms part of a Fedora release, pre-release, test compose or release candidate build must contain "Fedora" as the first field, either $PRODUCT(_SUBPRODUCT) or $LOADOUT as the second field, and $IMAGETYPE, $ARCH, and $VERSION as the third, fourth and fifth fields of its name.

Standard short forms of each field (except "Fedora"), for the purpose of producing <= 32 character volume IDs for ISO 9660 images, are defined below. Image filenames will use the full-length field values, ISO 9660 image volume IDs will use the shortened values.

Fedora image: A filename or ISO9660 volume ID. This policy is not normative for anything besides those two things, such as yum repository names, OSTree "osnames" or refs, Docker images, etc.



The second field for images that are part of a Fedora Product will be the name of that product. If the Product produces multiple image 'flavors', here referred to as subproducts, the subproduct is appended after an underscore. The content of this field prior to the first underscore must exactly match the name of a Fedora Product. e.g.:

  • Server
  • Workstation
  • Cloud_Base
  • Cloud_Big_Data


The second field for images that are not part of a Fedora Product will be the image's 'loadout', a descriptor for the software content of the image. This will usually be the name of a desktop or a live spin. e.g.:

  • KDE
  • Minimal
  • Scientific_KDE
  • Electronic_Lab


The third field for all images will be a descriptor of the image's type - live image, network install image, offline install image, disk image, etc. e.g.:

  • Live
  • netinst
  • DVD
  • Disk (or Image)


The fourth field for all images will be the architecture of the image, defined as the yum basearch used in composing that image. e.g.

  • i386
  • x86_64
  • armhfp


The fifth field for all images will be the version of the image. At minimum this will be the release number. The milestone and test compose number may be appended with underscores if appropriate (release candidate numbers are never included; release candidate images are named as if they were release images). e.g.

  • 21
  • 21_Alpha
  • 21_Beta_TC1
  • 21_Final_TC2


The date of the compose, in YYYYMMDD form, may optionally be appended as a sixth field for a given compose run. e.g.

  • 20140724

Short forms

No short form for any field except $ARCH for any image may exceed four characters in length, including underscores.


The short forms of the Fedora Products are as follows:

  • Workstation: WS
  • Cloud: C
  • Server: S

Subproduct short forms may be determined by the product working group and release engineering. As noted above, they may not exceed four total characters.


The short forms of currently-used 'loadouts' are as follows:

  • Minimal: Min
  • KDE: KDE
  • MATE_Compiz: MATE
  • SoaS: SoaS
  • Xfce: Xfce
  • Electronic_Lab: Elec
  • Robotics: Robo
  • Games: Game
  • Jam_KDE: Jam
  • Scientific_KDE: SciK
  • Security: Sec
  • Design_Suite: Dsgn


The short forms of currently-used 'image types' are as follows:

  • Live: Live
  • DVD: DVD
  • netinst: net
  • Disk: Disk


The full forms of all currently-used architectures are used as the short forms.


The full form of the release number is used as the short form. The short forms of milestone identifiers are as follows:

  • Alpha: A
  • Beta: B
  • Final: F

The short form of the test compose identifier TC is T; the number component is not changed. e.g. TC1 -> T1.


  • 21_Alpha_TC1 shortens to 21_A_T1
  • 22_Beta shortens to 22_B


The $DATE field is omitted entirely when short forms are in use (i.e. when generating volume IDs for ISO 9660 images).


  • Filename: Fedora-Workstation-Live-x86_64-21_Alpha_TC1.iso
  • Volume ID: Fedora-WS-Live-x86_64-21_A_T1 (29 char)
  • Filename: Fedora-Scientific_KDE-Live-x86_64-22_Beta_TC2.iso
  • Volume ID: Fedora-SciK-Live-x86_64-21-B_T2 (31 char)
  • Filename: Fedora-Server-netinst-i386-23.iso
  • Volume ID: Fedora-S-net-i386-23 (20 char)
  • Filename: Fedora-MATE_Compiz-Disk-armhfp-24_Final_TC3.raw.xz
  • Volume ID: N/A (disk images do not have them)