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What? Another mailing list?

A mailing list for Fedora on the lines of the gnome-love mailing list.

From the gnome-love mailing list web interface:

Welcome to the GNOME Love mailing list!

We are glad that you have joined. In the GNOME Love mailing list you will find a helping hand that will help you get up to speed in contributing at any level to this exciting project.

No question is too simple to ask in the GNOME Love mailing list. We will try to answer all of your questions and direct you in a constructive way.

Consider GNOME Love to be a place where you will learn new technologies, where you will learn how to work with other contributors and enjoy the passion of software development.

The GNOME Love coordinators.

From the gnome-love web page:


GNOME Love is the place to learn how to start contributing to GNOME. These pages are full guidance that will help you to become a member of the GNOME community. You can also get help from existing GNOME contributors and find tasks to get started on. 

The idea is to make getting started with Fedora a more friendly experience!

What good will it do?

  • Give new folks looking to contribute a channel to interact with the existing community and vice versa
  • Via this channel, new folks will get to know existing contributors, how they work, what they do, tips and tricks.
  • As new folks will get in touch with fedora community folks, they'll also find folks from their local communities.

Who will use this list?

  • Anyone who wants to contribute to Fedora in any way: techies, designers, translators, ambassadors, docs, anything at all!

Plan of action

  • Set up and announce the fedora-love mailing list
  • Bribe some fedora folks from all Fedora sub-teams to keep a tab on the list
  • Devise a system to send easyfix notifications to this list
  • what else can we do to make it easier for folks to sign up and contribute to Fedora?


  • What's wrong with the existing lists?

The existing lists are more focused on existing contributors, and on the tasks that the team is engaged in at the time. New contributors often find it intimidating to ask questions on the official mailing lists, such as the devel list because they feel that these lists are for established contributors. They aren't sure if their questions merit the list, since their questions are generally simple starter questions. The fedora-love list will create a more noob-friendly environment.

As an example, the ambassadors list is limited to ambassadors: people still under mentor-ship are not on the list. The fedora-love list will be for new contributors. Absolutely anyone who wants to get started with contributing to fedora will be welcome

  • What about askfedora and the users mailing lists? Aren't they for asking the community questions?

Yes. They certainly are. However, both these channels are focused on troubleshooting issues. The fedora-love list is not for troubleshooting purposes at all. It's to set up a channel of communication between prospective contributors and contributors to reduce the steepness of the gradient that new folks feel when they begin to contribute