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For the fedora videos, I was tasked with going through the various options for publishing videos. This page lists my findings.


  • looks like the best candidate :)

On Fedora infrastructure


The privacy and ads may be an issue. HTML5 not being default yet maybe another one. However, captions, automatic translation etc would be good to have. Of course, we need to wait until we know if our CC licensed videos can be downloaded.

  • Movies FAQ: "Uploaders may designate whether or not an item has a CC License"
  • Stuff can be streamed, also embedded, in both flash and non flash formats. (Not tested this yet)
  • Example
  • Auto detection of multiple subtitles
  • HTML5 support
  • Playlist support
  • Downloading permitted
  • OGG theora sources supported
  • No upload limit.
  • No sign up required to view videos/download. Membership required to upload videos only. (We could make a fedora-videos account for the purpose)
  • Reviews permitted
  • Signed up folks can bookmark videos
  • RSS feeds (I'm guessing we can use this with filters on tags to enable folks to subscribe)
  • Category for OpenSource videos

Looks great! :D


  • Membership required
  • Basic (Non pro members) have an p upload limit of 500mb a week]. This makes it difficult to use a single account to upload videos.
  • Adverts for basic users.
  • Downloading permitted
  • Embed support. (HTML5 also)
  • Also use user data for customizing and improving their systems like YouTube.
  • May allow third party sites to use data too.
  • One can choose to not share data.
  • Mostly for arts etc., not so much for tech tutorials (may be against the guidelines altogether!)
  • Supports CC
  • Mobile version (not for basic users)
  • Doesnt look like it has native support for subtext/captions (cannot use srt files etc). (Found a feature request)


  • Advertisements
  • Registration not generally required to view. Required to upload
  • Need Veoh client to download?
  • No upload limit
  • More for movies/shows, not so much tech tutorials
  • web player
  • Because videos over 30 minutes require that the Veoh Web Player be installed, embedded videos must be less than 30 minutes in length to play. From the embedding/sharing FAQ
  • iframe support
  • Subtitles/captions: couldn't find anything