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What Is This?

I based this page on the UKEventBox

This is the page I use to keep track of everything regarding the Canadian Event box project. This could also be used by someone who want to organise a new event box.

The Box

For reference the case was bought on Boss-Safety They had the lowest cost+shipping to ship here in Quebec, Canada.

The case model is: Pelican 1610NF Protector Case Pictures: From the boss-safety website

Event Kit Item Cost (in CAD $) Status Website from (if any) Notes
Pelican 1610NF Protector Case +-290$ Shipping included Done [1] This case is tested to MIL C-4150J (Military Standard), IP-67 (Ingress Protection) and ATA (Air Transportation Association). Unconditionally Guaranteed ... forever.
Netbook/Laptop Donated Done Aspire One Donated by Spevack to djf_Jeff in Raleigh to bring back to Canada
Swag ??? Pending FAMNA-Swag-Tracker Store SWAG. Need to order swag in canada first.. For now we have Computer stickers, tattoos and printed cheat cube...
Projector N/A Pending For event in Quebec where I am, we always use on from my job. but if the box travel in the canada, we will need one to keep in it.
Wired Router Donated Done Dlink 5 port 10/100Mbit Switch
Live USB Creation Stand N/A Done Done, but the software setup need to be done each time the AspireOne is reinstalled. You have to keep the iso's on a usbdevices.
CD/DVD Media Free Done We have F13 Official Media for now,
Flyers Free Done Fedora Flyer Page Already designed, just need to be translated. I was unable to find a french version of this.


This section includes things that we need, but are not as "extravagant" as the above. Those that has been strikethrough are in now.

  • Tape
  • Power Extension cords (5-way or similar)
  • Ethernet Cables (3-5 preferably)
  • Scissors
  • Notepad
  • Log-Book (to know where the EventBox has been)
  • Pens & Pencils
  • Return Details (UPS/FedEx/ParcelForce Barcode & details?)

Here's some picture of the box and what it contain:

The Canada EventBox.
The Canada EventBox.
Inside the Canada EventBox.
Inside the Canada EventBox.


The box has never been shipped yet. We will probably need a lock for the box..

If you have any questions, email me at