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About this page

This is where I am tracking the progress I am making through my Ambassador application.

For ease of use, everything is stored in reverse-chronological order.

Progress Table

All associated people are linked to, as I feel they deserve credit for helping me :)

February 2010

This is the application I made in February 2010, from the 17th to the 22nd.

Date Time (GMT) What Other Party
22nd Feb. 2010 21:19 JUMPED FOR JOY! ME! BIG Thanks to Robert Scheck & Joerg Simon
22nd Feb. 2010 21:19 Received notifcation of acceptance to Ambassadors group Robert Scheck
22nd Feb. 2010 21:15 Discarded the cancellation and re-joined the FAS group Robert Scheck, Joerg Simon, FAS
22nd Feb. 2010 06:35 Thought about cancelling! Robert Scheck, Joerg Simon, FAS
20th Feb. 2010 13:33 Sent Mentor a quick update Robert Scheck
18th Feb. 2010 14:05 Replied to Mentor with more details Robert Scheck
17th Feb. 2010 19:43 Received Mentor Welcome Robert Scheck
17th Feb. 2010 17:45 Accepted to Mailing List Mailman
17th Feb. 2010 17:30 Received Welcome & More Info Joerg Simon
17th Feb. 2010 17:28 Emailed Mentor asking for sponsorship Robert Scheck
17th Feb. 2010 17:25 Applied to the Ambassadors Mailing List Mailman
17th Feb. 2010 17:12 Applied to FAS Ambassadors Group FAS
17th Feb. 2010 17:00 Finally decided to apply to join the Ambassadors Me


This is held purely for informational purposes. It also allows me to track the application process so I am up-to-date on what is going on