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This is a placeholder and once the program is announced this page will moved !

GSoC 2012 selection process is over ! We had a high demand from the students and since we are offering some limited slots we couldn't accept all the good students.

The structure of the program is not yet finalized but certainly we need some tasks, so that students can work on those. Roughly the structure would be; a student should select some tasks form the list and should complete required hours (eg: 100 hrs), the student is encouraged to learn himself most of the time and if he needs some support after all he is free to contact the person mentioned with the task.

If you are interested in adding a task to the list please feel free, but make sure you have some free hours to invest if student need any support. Not only technical but also non-technical tasks can be added to the list.

Use the talk page for discussions.

Please note the number of hours needed to complete the task and contact details of the person who should be contacted in case of getting more information.


Please adhere to the following format when you add a task, please add tasks which required more than 10 hours minimum and 50 hours maximum, (these limits subjected to be changed).

==== Name of the task ====
''Description with refences''
* Related area :
* Difficulty level : beginners level/intermediate/expert level
* Required no. of hours (estimated value) :
* contact Person :

Task List