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by User:Sankarshan

here's what I can think of. The bugzilla isn't the best medium for tracking things, however, in the absence of any other tool (barring Shreyank's FSoC), here's what can be done:

  • request the mentor create a BZ which contains the scope of the task, the studying to be done and, the estimated hours.
  • iterate the above for as many mentors who will be agreeable
  • list the BZs in a table for the interested students to work on
  • organize a telephone conference for the student-mentor pairs along with the administrator of this effort and set the ball rolling
  • take a fortnightly assessment over IRC in terms of work done (updates of work can be posted as comments to BZ)

Scale down version of the GSoC proposal for this program

by User:Mmorsi via mail

> I feel that this would make sense for a similar drive next year, perhaps to be run in parallel with the GSoC but by this point in the game (eg now that the students have applied for a particular project), it might make sense to just continue w/ the student's original proposals (perhaps scaled down a bit to take the limited scope into account).

>I have one student that would be interested in this, he applied to the 'bring the cloud to fedora' project but since there was only one slot available for that, he wasn't able to be accepted in the GSoC. He's still interested in contributing and has been starting to work on his proposal though (same overall project as the one that was accepted into the GSoC but a different aspect of it than that being worked on by the accepted student) and I'd love it if we could get him something for his contributions. </quote>

--Bckurera 10:19, 30 April 2012 (UTC)

Great to hear this, if the student is willing we can ask him to continue it for this program as well. unfortunately we cannot afford more than the gift pack but this would be a huge plus point for getting selecting to the GSoC 2013 with Fedora or any other project. Google mind two students working on the same proposal but we dont. Therefore if you are willing to mentor and if the student is willing to work(scale down version as it suites with hours) there is no problem, we can take it as his/her task for this program.