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be Come Ambassadors

  • What I have to do (status:complete)
    • Important Notes:
  1. be come and join together Fedora Ambassadors, They are Contributors, can be working with teams, have a great willingness to promotion fedora, why the following IMPORTANT Fedora Ambassador, You not only have the spirit to contribute but have a willingness to collaborate because we are family, to do it'.
  2. Please join at Indonesia Fedora Community, ask about, tips and their experiences in the mentoring process, because to be an Ambassadors are not as easy as expected.

Ask Fedora

Moderator and manage Ask Fedora for Indonesian language (status:in progress)

Fedora Community

Communications and Assistance
Fedora has a strong community that is ready to help you. Because users and contributors reaching the world, the key element to this project is communication.


read and follow the following template to create a wiki event

Remember, after ivent done, make a report to the Ambassadors mailing list


Web Server - (How to install Apache web server}