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Fedora Website Team

Steps and Personal Guidence for Website SOP


Mainly fedora website using:

  1. Python (Genshi),
  2. html,
  3. css and
  4. JS.

If you've already running our pages locally you can start with some tickets, maybe at the beginning the easier ones. You can find them on the easyfix page or just look in our trac.

Learn Python (Genshi)

Learn html

web resource

Learn css

CSS and Images
All CSS files and images used in Fedora sites can be found in our fedora-web.git repository. The community may use the css directly from our urls in a cascading implementation.

We encourage using the stylesheets in a cascading method when working on official Fedora Project domains (sites on this list): Websites/DomainsList

Fedora CSS in your application
Load the Fedora CSS file fedora.css

And then load your custom css file and override elements as needed. As an example, something like main.css (as used for

Learn JS