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In March 2010 I became upstream maintainer for the 2.3.x branch.

Planned Lifecycle

CherryPy 2.3.x will get:

  • compatibility patches until 2012 or as long as we support CherryPy 2 on Fedora
  • security fixes at least until 2014 (end of life for RHEL 5), probably until RHEL 6 goes EOL (likely 2017)

The 2.3.x branch will not get any new features, only fixes so that it does not work worse than the day 2.3.0 was released.

Please note that all dates are tentative, assuming that I find enough time and resources doing it. If can provide any help, that's appreciated.

Releases will be done on a need-based basis but fairly soon after a new issue is discovered.

How you can help

  • run the test suite on Mac or Windows when a release is prepared (will be announced on cherrypy-devel)
  • write bug reports on for the 2.3.x milestone
  • write patches for issues in the 2.3.x milestone. Patches accompanied with an appropriate unit test will be preferred!

All patches pending review/commit are gathered in my bitbucket patch queue.