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  • POSSE is so totally pwning everything. yay! guests confirmed, RH people interested in education pinged, etc...
  • in other news, I have NECC plans. Housing, transportation, and a growing list of things to do and people to meet, which I should update with today's round of emails. User:Mchua/Braindumps#NECC
  • huh, seems to have brought some "yeah, I gave up on learning how to package before because it was too hard" stuff out of the woodwork. Investigating.
  • hm, maybe I should set better concrete daily deliverables for myself other than "reply to all these emails in my inbox"

Tuesday - Friday

(This will teach me to keep my daily log religiously.)


  • plane, hotel, bus, rides, etc.
  • business cards
  • scheduling and people to meet - see User:Mchua/Braindumps#NECC for details
  • zomg so many emails. heck, I can probably blog about NECC even before I go to NECC. my days in dc are starting to pack in with useful conversations in the schedule. yesss.



  • 'tis good, on track, all attendees have their info in, visitors confirmed
  • ctyler and humph need to upload their new curriculum work to the wiki
  • VMs, swag on the way
  • start thinking about followup next week, also make sure press is settled