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  • Catching up from INTERNET DEATH on Friday. Consequently:
  • expense reports
  • Working to freeze Marketing's F12 schedule
  • 2min intern presentation slide and stuff (do not spend too much time on this! do not spend too much time on this!)
  • CLS and POSSE blogposts queued up, one per day, for the next N days (N = number of posts)
  • blog post (response to cseay) on POSSE, Fedora Marketing, PMBOK
  • education meeting notes taken and sent
  • introduction-pings to various people



  • Join FWN as Marketing beat
  • Marketing meeting
  • Marketing meeting notes
  • Inbox Zero day


  • did not go as planned
  • talk with Rick Miller about the mechanics of revolutionizing academia
  • laptop broke
  • curse laptop
  • set about procuring replacement laptop


(Thursday is a Sprinting Day. Otherwise known as "Good Grief, You Churn Out Insane Numbers Of Deliverables.)


  • FI roadmap, temporary image here
  • meeting with Jack (see FI roadmap)
  • Intern presentation (rockin')
  • Marketing check-in, reminders, updates (cool, need to find people to do talking points)