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Oretronics Corporation

Who are we?

Oretronics is a private company based in Australia, and is a designer, manufacturer and assembler of computers, from home users, through to enterprise clients. Started in 2008, Oretronics has been a great supporter of Open Source software, and regularly donates equipment to organisations which develop and promote software under the GPL Licence.

Philip Orescanin

That's me! Dr. Philip Orescanin from Perth, Australia. I was the founder, and currently serving as CEO of Oretronics, and am a nerd at heart. When I started my company, I was more interested in using the perks of having a business to improve the technology in my Server Technology class at University. Of course, bureaucracy within a campus got the better of the situation, and very quickly my equipment was shunned, in favour of the 'big guys' stuff. But I was still adoment, that my hardware, cheaper and more powerful, was exactly what was needed. To prove my point, I prepared and presented a PhD on the advances of my hardware, matched with state of the art... Open Source software... because, that's just what you do what you want to prove a point!

Here's a bit more about me

  • Nationality Brasilian
  • Languages English, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Education
    • BA - Computer Science (Cyber Forensics)
    • MS - Mechatronic Engineering (CyberMechanics)
    • PhD - Robotics, Electronics and Tomorrow

Why Fedora?

When I started using Fedora back with Core 2, I was still a novice in the world of Linux. It all seemed so hard, and different from Windows, that I just thought of giving up. That was until I learnt about the forums, blogs and other literature dedicated to Fedora, and how there was instructions on EVERYTHING, right down to how to turn the computer on... seriously! Gradually I started learning more and more how to use the advanced features of Fedora, many of which weren't even a conceptual dream to the Windows Development team. Fedora, and Linux in general became more useful to me, and eventually became a fundamental part of my life. Today my whole company is run off Linux; everything from server through to the basic desktops.

What are we trying to do?

Basically, even in this modern age, the internet is still something of a luxury to many. This is unfortunate, and one sole company isn't about to make a wave in such a large ocean... merely a drop. But we want our drop to count! So, Oretronics is signing on with Fedora to be a distributor of the Fedora software, FREE OF CHARGE, to the whole of Australia! We think it's a great piece of software, and we believe it should be spread and appreciated more widely.

Requesting Media

If you would like to request media, please do NOT contact Oretronics directly. Instead, follow the link to the Fedora Free Media Request Form[1], and submit your details there.