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A simple validation test case for Fedora Atomic Hosts.


  1. This testcase can be run locally with testCloud or using a virtualization client like virt-manager or VirtualBox, or on a cloud provider (Openstack or EC2)
  2. Make sure that your security group allows for SSH (default tcp port 22)
  3. The following User-data can be used:
password: passw0rd
chpasswd: { expire: False }
ssh_pwauth: True

How to test

  1. Boot image with proper user-data
  2. SSH into booted image
  3. Check if docker and podman are installed
 rpm -q docker podman

Expected Results

  1. The image launches successfully
  2. You can login to the instance over SSH as fedora and you have sudo access
  3. docker and podman should be installed
  4. The instance doesn't crash or show any errors