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About Me

I have been using Linux for about 3 years now. I started with Ubuntu after getting introduced to it by some friends at work. I ran Ubuntu until about a year ago. Then I decided to try Fedora 8, now I use 10. As soon as I started to play with fedora I new that this was the OS for me. I primarily deal with Apache, and other servers as that is what I needed for my website, and a small home business.


  • Real Name: Will Morris
  • IRC: Name - will_
  • Channels: #fedora-ambassadors #fedora


Pub: 1024D/22A987B9

Key fingerprint = E50D 47FB A2B9 E678 99CC EE5D 7858 60ED 22A9 87B9

Activities within Fedora

Right now I don't have a lot to do with Fedora but I would like that to change in the coming weeks. I would like to find out what the base is in the part of New York State where I live. I live near the Canadian border, but I am in a college town. So, my current plans are to get the word out about Fedora and the Project. I might start by going to a couple of the colleges in the area and just talking to student groups and see what they know or think about Linux and specifically Fedora.

Since my last update, I have joined the |Documentation Group. I have been pretty active with them for the last release and I am working on getting back into that.