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This is the main page for the Virtual FAD Fedora Cloud Working Group 2017-02-09


Our purpose is to complete the following primary goals:

  1. Migrate existing Fedora-Dockerfiles from Github to Fedora proper.


This FAD supports the following Fedora Objectives:

  • Migrate Container Content: Currently Fedora-Dockerfiles lives in GitHub. We will migrate these into Fedora as per Container:Review_Process and Container:Guidelines
    • Once a VFAD Ticket has been assigned and someone has created a Container Review Request, they should ping that Review Request URL into #fedora-cloud so that someone can pick it up. Who ever is working on the Container Review should take ownership of the Ticket so that we know who's working on what and the Review Creator knows their review is being worked on.

Diversity Statement

We are aware that the State of North Carolina has passed recent laws which are not consistent with the Fedora Project's views on equality and diversity, and may make some attendees of the FAD uncomfortable. Both Red Hat and the Fedora Project are committed to providing a discrimination-free experience for attendees. Red Hat, the host of this FAD, will provide facilities appropriately regardless of gender, sexuality, religion or race.

Regardless, if North Carolina's laws make you feel uncomfortable or unable to attend the FAD for any reason, or require changes to your travel arrangements, please contact either Josh Berkus or the Fedora Project diversity advisor, Maria Leandro with your concerns. All such contacts will be confidential.

Detailed Work Items & Final Attendees


IRC communications will happen in #fedora-cloud on

Work will be tracked in the VFAD Pagure Roadmap Milestone

General workflow for how VFADS is documented here


Deliverables are also tracked in the VFAD Pagure Roadmap Milestone. We are currently only targeting the Containers from Fedora-Dockerfiles that have ever actually had a download as per Docker Hub usage statistics (which is why you will find items in the Fedora-Dockerfiles GitHub repo that are not currently listed in the VFAD Roadmap).