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Fedora Websites Meeting: Thursday 8th May 2008-05-08

Roll Call

JonathanRoberts, IanWeller, RickyZhou, giarc (CraigThomas?), JuanCamilloPrada, MikeMcGrath

Discussion Summary

Fedora 9 Release

  • What's on is what will be the F9 launch site
  • MairinDuffy's banner is not included yet but will be
  • Strings are frozen and waiting for translations to come in
  • Main links that we want to point people to are get.fp.o and join.fp.o
  • This will allow us to track stats better

Team Future Proposal

The following items in the minutes all make reference to this proposal

spins.fp.o Group/get-fedora Improvements

  • juank_prada reported that he had made some progress in his vision for the imrpovements to the website
  • Lots of information had been sent to the list Re: get-fedora in this light along with functional mock-ups
  • juank_prada has some questions over spins still concerning how many there will be, how spin authors can best update their information etc
  • Inline with team proposal, juank_prada is going to come up with a list of tasks that need to be fulfilled to get an active spins.fp.o site up for next week's meeting

Websites and Infrastrucutre Interaction

  • Complete list of Fedora owned domains and major web applications is available here
  • mmcgrath would like to see the overlap between Websites and Infrastrucutre go, with Websites becoming more independent
  • Need to make sure everyone who needs it has access to web repository
  • Need for contributor documentation and best practices guidelines for Websites team
  • Need to fix build script to make it more usable
  • Some of this may need help from Infrastrucutre to get in place
  • ricky is going to come up with a list of tasks that needs to be achieved for the Websites team to be productive and stand on its own

Look and Feel

  • Now that there is a comprehensive list of domains known to all, giarc has stepped up to begin theming what he can
  • Will follow up on progress next week
  • Still need to discuss the possibility of a new look and feel for Fedora owned sites and specific group to lead this effort
  • See MairinDuffy's proposal on list
  • For discussion next week

Websites' Wiki Banner

  • Art Team have created a cool new wiki banner for Websites
  • Everyone liked it so it stays as is :)

Other Business

  • JonRob has created a tasks list for the Websites Team, available here