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The Fedora Welcome SIG works on the "new user experience" for those people coming to Fedora for the first time. We attempt to smooth the path for those transitioning, giving them resources to help transfer the skills they already have and point them in the right direction to learn about Fedora: the operating system, the community and the culture.

In Development

This SIG is currently in the planning / research stage: that is, we're in the process of identifying the specific tasks it should undertake, which groups (SIGs or otherwise) it should be working with, and gathering together interested people.

Once the SIG has been fully defined and the initial tasks identified, we will then have a first meeting which will evaluate the resources and impact the SIG could have and decide whether or not in the first instance we have the ability to execute successfully. If so, we would then identify the next steps to take.

Mailing List

Not yet. :)


There is an initial channel on at #fedora-welcome.


Not yet. :)


Please feel free to add yourself to this list: I'm not automatically adding people who've expressed an interest to me!

To-Do List

  • Migrate various bits of text from my blog/wiki to here.
  • Open discussion on the scope & activities of the SIG
  • Develop a much more coherent and specific mission statement
  • Identify key "new user" groups ("Windows users", for example) and the specific "speed bumps" they encounter moving to Fedora.
  • Start fleshing out specific ideas for transition resources for those key groups.
  • Identify the key SIGs we would need to work with in order to be successful.

Current Projects

  • Developing this SIG!