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Partecipare al Progetto Ambasciatori di Fedora

Per qualsiasi domanda sull'associazione degli Ambasciatori di Fedora, ti preghiamo di contattare FabianAffolter, JoergSimon o SusmitShannigrahi per Servizio di associazione.

I passi seguenti sono indispensabili per poter partecipare al progetto ambasciatori:

Passo Attività Dettagli
1 Iscriversi al Fedora Account System. Devi avere un account FAS per poter partecipare.
2 Completare la CLA utilizzando Account System. E' obbligatorio sottoscrivere la CLA (Contributor Licence Agreement) per partecipare a questo gruppo.
3 Unirsi al gruppo 'Ambassadors' in Account System Segui le istruzioni che riceverai da Fedora Ambassador Membership Administration.
4 Creare la propria pagina personale su La pagina deve contenere informazioni veritiere su di te, su cosa fai, su cosa vorresti fare, quali obbiettivi perseguire come ambasciatore, ecc. Un modello di pagina puoi trovarlo su Come ambasciatore, rappresenti Fedora in prima persona, quindi dovrai valutare costantemente la qualità della tua pagina wiki.
5 Scegliere un Mentore! Il Mentore è colui che sponsorizza la candidatura degli Ambasciatori! Contatta ed inizia a lavorare con uno di essi mentori di area. Il modo raccomandato di iniziare è di contattare il mentore e di presentarsi. Una pagina wiki aiuterà il mentore a valutare la tua idoneità ad diventare ambasciatore. Inoltre, l'email dovrebbe contenere qualche informazione su di te, per esempio se hai svolto attività per promuovere Fedora tra amici e colleghi e le tue future iniziative.
6 Iscriversi alla Fedora Ambassadors Mailing List E' una regola categorica che se vuoi essere un ambasciatore (in FAS) devi essere iscritto esclusivamente nella mailing list ufficiale degli ambasciatori!
Stop (medium size).png
'NON INVIARE ALCUN MESSAGGIO NON STRETTAMENTE ATTINENTE AGLI AMBASCIATORI, alla fedora ambassadors mailing list!!!!' Tra questi sono inclusi inviti a social-networking, messaggi di benvenuto a nuovi ambasciatori, domande di supporto tecnico o avvisi o altro, non prettamente riguardanti gli ambasciatori!
After FAmA gets your request approved by your mentor, and you have completed all of the above steps, FAmA will sponsor and approve your membership to the Ambassador Group in FAS. FAmA (fedora-ambassadors-list-owner AT redhat DOT com) will make group introductions as soon as your ambassadors request has been approved.
During the mentoring process, the new candidate would not normally be able to request money or materials from the project. Exceptions can be made in extraordinary cases.

If a person, already actively contributing to another project with Fedora, joins the ambassadors team, they may skip the "probation" period.

Find regional Ambassador Mentors

You can obtain help from one of these mentors from your region. Please note that the status indicates whether an ambassador is available or unavailable. Sending an email to an unavailable mentor will result in an unspecified delay!!!
If you are a student from India, we encourage you to participate in one of the various projects within Fedora before applying to become an Ambassador. We believe that this provides you with the necessary skills and experience to handle the responsibilities expected of a Fedora Ambassador. The various projects can be seen at Please subscribe to the fedora-india mailing list and join us at #fedora-india on IRC for guidance. If you still insist, or if you are not a student, please open a "Mentoring Request" ticket Here

Be active as an Ambassador

Below you find a list of suggestions, on how to be active as an ambassador.

  • Participate in regular meetings This is an imperative task!

Meetings take place at regular intervals in the channel #fedora-meeting on There is a meeting for each region (the time of the next meeting is usually posted in the topic of the chat and on the mailing list). Should you miss a meeting, follow up on the meeting's minutes on the following page: Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes

  • Be a speaker at an event.

Clubs, Linux User Groups (LUGs), schools/colleges/Universities can all benefit, by hearing about Fedora, what we do, and how people can participate to benefit from Fedora. Talk to people after events or other gatherings. This can be as informal or formal as you like.
If you were asked to talk/make a presentation at an event, do NOT panic. Browse our wiki and you will find some material to get you started. FUDcon pages might be a good place to start too, as most of the talks, that were given in the past, are available for download.

  • Collect press articles about Fedora

Collect and post articles about Fedora and post them to the Press Archive

  • Collect feedback from community members

Collect feedback/comments from community members and submit it to the Fedora Marketing List or let any Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee member know about them.

  • Promote Fedora events.

We organize a FUDcon (Fedora Users Developer Conference), about once every three months(different regions). Use your contact base to engage speakers, attendees, helpers, et al.
If you want to help out organizing a FUDCon or other Fedora event, visit FUDCon/Organization to see what tasks need to be done.

  • Distribute Press Releases to the local press

Distribute Fedora press releases to the local press, translating them into a local language, if required.
Require a press release? Press releases can be found at the Press Release Repository .

  • Support and coordinate offline, Fedora and Open Source activities,

Support and coordinate Fedora and Open Source activities, such as Software Freedom Day, handing out flyers, the distribution on DVD, and so forth.
Watch this list of upcoming offline FedoraEvents

  • Sign up Fedora Project for regional events

Sign the Fedora Project up for regional or local events. I does not have to be a computer/IT-related event to be relevant. Go to a music trade show to talk about free culture and open music formats, go to a university event, to talk about Fedora to students and faculty, go to a local Linux event and get some space for a booth in the .ORG pavilion...
Once you have secured participation in an event, please add it to the FedoraEvents list!

  • Just make sure to coordinate with Fedora Marketing so you get support in form of money for travel, space, booth signage, trade show infrastructure, giveaways, etc.
    Event Organizers' Resources page is a good place to start.
  • Communicate eloquently. Fedora Ambassadors should be the conduct leaders for the community. Make sure you don NOT talk rubbish, that is, make unqualified statements or be rude to anyone, while wearing a 'Fedora' shirt. Conduct also applies in general, while talking to the community. See CommunityConduct page for general guidelines and Ambassadors conduct for specific information.
  • Become an expert at Fedora (both the project and the distribution). This way you're a constant resource to your local user base, which will make new users more welcome to the project/distribution. When in doubt however, ask others in the community for support or advice.
  • Keep Up with Current Issues - Fedora Ambassadors should keep up with Current Issues by tracking and reading various news resources such as Fedora News Project , Red Hat Magazine and even Planet Fedora.
If you are unsure of messaging, Fedora Talking Points is always a good source

Need Event Support ?

If you need support for an event, make sure that this event is listed at our Events page, before the deadline passes for the period where the event is in. Support can be provided in financial(funding), advice/help or marketing (give-away) terms. If you miss the deadline for the budget, it would become more complicated, if not impossible, to get financial or other support. This is due to the fact, that other event owners ,would have to try and provide you with some of their funding or resources.

Any questions? Ask FAmSCo