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The Audio Creation SIG is now sunset
As of 2023, the Audio Creation SIG is dormant and has been for some time. The content of this page and other related ones are preserved for historical reference and because some of the content is still useful and relevant, but the group is not active or holding meetings. The Music & Audio SIG has been created as a successor.


Goal: to make Fedora the best Free software and open source platform it can be for computer based music production, audio mastering and audio editing.

We aim to accomplish this goal through a variety of activities:

  • Creating high quality packages of music / audio applications, tools and libraries.

The first step here will be integration of CCRMA's packages into Fedora, we are in contact with Fernando Lopez-Lezcano from CCRMA about this, here is his description of planet CCRMA and the renewed integration effort:

Planet CCRMA is a third party repository that specializes since 2001 in transforming a stock Fedora (originally Red Hat) workstation into a low latency audio machine. It includes a low latency patched kernel, assorted utilities to get everything working without manual configuration and a fairly complete collection of up to date open source sound, midi and music applications geared towards musical content creation. Most applications use the Jack sound server to communicate with the sound card and each other.

Over time some packages from Planet CCRMA have migrated to Fedora, this is a second push to integrate more of the core Planet CCRMA packages into Fedora.

  • Providing a forum where users and developers can discuss issues related to music production, audio mastering and audio editing.
  • Seeking publicity for Audio Creation in and with Fedora
  • Actively review each other's audio packages to shorten the time it takes to get them approved and imported into Fedora Package Collection
  • Design additional guidelines on top of the Fedora Packaging guidelines that are specific to audio packages (as needed)
  • Help each other fix bugs that have been filed against audio packages
  • Alerting each other about orphaned and soon-to-be orphaned audio packages so that we can prevent their removal

Jackd system integration:

  • provide a seamless jackd/pulseaudio setup. (no workarounds like [1])

Audio Spin:


The Audio Creation SIG is currently in a phase where we are concentrating on getting more audio related packages into Fedora and specifically concentrating on getting CCRMA packages integrated into Fedora.

Since Fernando's time is almost fully occupied with maintaining CCRMA and keeping it up to date, the effort of the integration of CCRMA packages into Fedora will be mostly done by other Fedora Contributors. The plan is that Fedora contributors go through CCRMA packages spec files to make them fully compliant to the Fedora Packaging Guidelines and then submit them for review and make any necessary changes to pass review. Fernando will be put in the CC of the review, and will be made co-maintainer of packages when the are imported into the Fedora Package Collection. This way the packaging expertise and manpower of the Fedora Community can be combined with the vast Audio Creation experience of Fernando. This effort will be spearheaded by Hans de Goede.


As our work currently mainly consists of packaging, communication is mainly done through bugzilla review tickets (a list of active ones is below). We also have a mailing list for general discussions surrounding audio / music creation:

Audio Creation Links