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  1. What is your name? wangxiang
  2. What is your email address?
  3. What is your wiki username? richards
  4. What is your IRC nickname? xiangwang
  5. What is your primary language? (We have mentors who may speak your preferred languages and can match you with one of them if you request.) C/C++
  6. Where are you located, and what hours do you tend to work? (We also try to match mentors by general time zone if possible.) Beijing,China. I have more than 8 hours to work.
  7. Have you participated in an open-source project before? If so, please send us URLs to your profile pages for those projects, or some other demonstration of the work that you have done in open-source. If not, why do you want to work on an open-source project this summer?

Yes. I have the desire to code for open source and try to improve my project skills.


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