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| 2018-06-19 || Fedora QA 101, 102 - [[User:Sumantrom| Sumantro Mukherjee]]  || None ||  [ Recording Link] ||
| 2018-06-19 || Fedora QA 101, 102 - [[User:Sumantrom| Sumantro Mukherjee]]  || None ||  [ Recording Link] ||
| 2018-07-05 || Ansible 101/102 - [[User:siddharthvipul1| Vipul Siddharth]]  || [ Session Notes] ||  [ Recording Link] ||

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Upcoming Classes

These are the classes that are scheduled currently. Make sure and check the UTC time and date for the class you wish to attend.

Find out your local time.

Date Time (UTC) Class topic and Instructor Notes Survey link
2018-07-05 1600 UTC Ansible 102 - Geoffrey Marr & Siddharth Vipul BlueJeans url: Meeting ID (for Desktop App): 3466040121
Before flock TBD Writing Fedora documentation 101 - Adam Samalik
TBD TBD Fedora packaging 101 - Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD"
Soon TBD Fedora Communication and Involvement 101 - Jhoanir Torres "s14ck" We'll see how the contact the Fedora's community without tears: Mail lists, IRC/Telegram and one brief tour inside structure of the best FOSS community ever "The Fedora Project"
Soon TBD Fedora Infrastructure Apprentice 101 - Jhoanir Torres "s14ck" If you want to learn how the infrastructure behind "The Fedora Project" works and the first steps to help and get involved, then this class is for you.


The Fedora Classroom is a project to teach interested users of Fedora how to better use, understand and manage their Distribution. Currently, All classes are held on IRC in the #fedora-classroom[?] on If you are not familiar with IRC, see the Fedora IRC HowTo .

If there is a session you would like to see, please suggest it and we'll do our best to accommodate the request.

Mailing list

For discussion and feedback or to sign up to teach a class, use the Classroom mailing list at:

Previous Sessions

Date Class topic and Instructor Slides/Notes Session Recording/Logs Survey link
2017-07-28 FOSS 101 - David Kaspar PDF Slides Blue Jeans session (requires Flash)
2017-08-04 Fedora Magazine 101 - Eduard Lucena None Youtube recordings (incomplete)
2017-08-07 QA 101 - Sumantro Mukherjee None Blue Jeans session (requires Flash)
2017-08-10 Command line 101 - Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD" Session Notes Meeting Logs
2017-08-18 VIM 101 - Eduard Lucena None Meeting Logs
2017-10-05 Git 101 - Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD" None Meeting Logs
2018-06-19 Fedora QA 101, 102 - Sumantro Mukherjee None Recording Link
2018-07-05 Ansible 101/102 - Vipul Siddharth Session Notes Recording Link

Help wanted

If you would like to help out the Fedora Classroom effort, we are currently looking for assistance in several areas. Please see the Classroom Help Wanted page for descriptions various roles:

A checklist to of tasks that need to be done can be found here.

Current list of volunteers

Please add yourself to the list so we can all keep each other in the loop!

Classroom etiquette

The purpose of the classroom is to provide instruction on a specific topic. As such, it is beneficial for classroom sessions to adhere to a certain standard. Please try to adhere to the following during sessions:

  • Keep in mind that classroom sessions may be logged
  • Adhere to teacher instructions regarding questions and input
  • Avoid unnecessary actions, nick changes and away messages
  • Avoid off-topic conversation

The point is to help maintain a classroom environment that promotes learning while avoiding extraneous content.

Teaching a class

If you would like to teach a class on any Fedora related topic, please mail an introduction of yourself and outline of your proposed class to the classroom mailing list. Some things to keep in mind:

  • We recommend sessions be approximately 90 minutes This allows for an hour long session and enough time for questions and answers.
  • Make sure you know your subject and know where to point students who wish more detailed information.
  • Note at the beginning of your class if you would like students to ask questions as you go, or would prefer them to wait until the end.
  • Remember that typing is slower than talking in front of a class or speaking on a phone call, so keep in mind you will not cover as much on IRC.
  • All teacher notes and class resources should be licensed as "CC 4.0 unported international license"

(Note: Check out The World Clock Meeting Planner for time zone syncing.)

Request a class

If there is something you'd like to see during Fedora-Classroom sessions get in touch with the wranglers and we'll try to make it happen. If you can request someone to teach the session, that'll be even better!

Classroom archives

This is a list of the previous Fedora Classroom sessions. Each session includes links to minutes and full logs.

Classroom sessions for the years: