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=== Diversity Survey ===
=== Diversity Survey ===
Work is underway to create a survey for fedora users. A planning draft is available [Diversity/Survey|here] and in this [ ticket]
Work is underway to create a survey for fedora users. A planning draft is available [[Diversity/Survey|here]] and in this [ ticket]
=== [[Fedora_Women_Day_2016|Fedora Women Day]] ===
=== [[Fedora_Women_Day_2016|Fedora Women Day]] ===

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How to contact the Diversity team
Mailing list: diversity
Visit this link to sign up for the email list for the Diversity team.
Chat: #fedora-diversity[?]
This is where real-time chat with Diversity team members happens.

The Fedora Project and Red Hat welcome and encourage participation by everyone. Our community is based on mutual respect, tolerance, and encouragement, and we are working to help each other live up to these principles. We want our community to be more diverse: whoever you are, and whatever your background, we welcome you.

We recognize that there are specific attributes that are used to discriminate against people. In alphabetical order, some of these attributes include (but are not limited to): age, culture, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, national origin, physical or mental difference, politics, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and subculture. No matter how you identify yourself or how others perceive you: we welcome you. We welcome contributions from everyone as long as they interact constructively with our community.

We are committed to being a community that everyone feels good about joining. Please, refer to our Code of Conduct if you need more information.


The goal of this diversity initiative is to help promote an inclusive community within Fedora. To do this, we assist the Diversity Advisor with the planning and implementation of diversity efforts such as the enforcement of the code of conduct, creating Fedora Magazine articles highlighting the diverse community in Fedora, and offering workshops and fostering communication between Fedora sub-projects.

Getting Assistance

If you need assistance with an issue in the Fedora community, contact the Diversity Adviser.

Old and Demo cases of harassment, bullying and non-friendly behaviors at the community. Please, refer to Diversity Cases


If you'd like to help out please consider putting yourself in the team members list and sending an introduction to the mailing list. We are working on the joining process here in the ticket. We will add more on it soon here.

Team Members

The structure of the Diversity team is currently in progress (e.g. a SIG or a team). It is currently headed by the Diversity Adviser. Interested contributors are encouraged to add their name to the list below if you want to help with Diversity efforts in Fedora.

Name Time Zone
A. Mani UTC
Justin W. Flory (jflory7) UTC-5
Marina Zhurakhinskaya (marinaz) UTC-5
Amita Sharma (ami) IST
Dolores Portalatin UTC-5
Corey Sheldon (linuxmodder) UTC -4/-5 (US EST)


The Diversity team meets bi-weekly in #fedora-diversity at 14:30 UTC. Meeting logs are available at Meetbot


May 23rd
June 6th
June 20th

Current Projects

We are tracking our work and action items here in pagure.

Diversity Survey

Work is underway to create a survey for fedora users. A planning draft is available here and in this ticket

Fedora Women Day

This is a virtual event with local meetups happening July 15th-17th, 2016.

  • Create article about female participans of GSoC
  • Contribute to the wiki page

Fedora Magazine Articles

Disabilities in IT

GSoC Female participation

People to interview


  • Amita
  • marinaz


  • mizmo
  • emichan
  • Laura
  • Amita
  • Rbergeron

Diversity Team Presence in Flock, 2016

Fedora Diversity Panel

Women in Open Source

Community Contacts

Diversity efforts require that we work with all parts of Fedora. Below is a list of contact persons for each project.

Team Contact People
Ambassadors See your regional mentor(s)
CommOps Justin W. Flory, Bee Padalkar
Design Máirín Duffy
Globalization Pravin Satpute, Noriko Mizumoto
Magazine Justin W. Flory (editor-in-chief), Paul Frields, Ryan Lerch
Marketing Joe Brockmeier, Brian Proffitt, Justin W. Flory