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Planet Fedora

In this section, we cover the highlights of Planet Fedora[1] - an aggregation of blogs from Fedora contributors worldwide.

Contributing Writer: Adam Batkin


Starting us off this week is a blast from the past: Jesus Rodriguez running[1] OS/2 Warp 4 (in VirtualBox).

As part of the process to review Anaconda's user experience, Máirín Duffy noted[2] that the "REINITIALIZING WILL CAUSE ALL DATA TO BE LOST!" dialog is both unnecessarily scary and complicated. And this week in Anaconda (#7), Chris Lumens also discussed[3] the storage component, specifically how it is tested and using hard disks with different sector sizes. In Part #8[4], Chris introduced "Lorax", a new project to rebuild the scripts that build an installation image.

While on the topic of disks, Rahul Sundaram outlined[5] where btrfs is going (hint: one day you will likely see it as the default filesystem in Fedora). And the days of naming ethernet interfaces ethX may be coming to an end[6]. "Starting in Fedora 15, Ethernet ports on servers will have a new naming scheme corresponding to physical locations, rather than ethX."

Tom Callaway posted[7] a set of notes about tuning Fedora for use on an SSD.

Will Woods continued[8] describing how the Fedora infrastructure goes about building and testing packages before they arrive on a user's system.

Have you been wondering what the "Network Control Panel" will look like in Gnome 3? Wonder no more, as Richard Hughes posted[9] a bunch of potential screenshots.

Richard W.M. Jones explained[10] how you can use libguestfs, guestfish and its toolset to easily move files between host and guest systems.

Adam Williamson reported[11] that you may soon be able to install Unity on Fedora. "Why? Well, a few reasons. Mainly, Unity’s an interesting project. I want to look at it and compare it to GNOME Shell and I think quite a few others do too, so it seems nice to package it so you can run both on Fedora..." Adam followed-up[12] with some more technical details.

Bryan Clark mentioned[13] that there is now an experimental Thunderbird extension that can display conversations in a similar way to Gmail.

Jon Masters suggested[14] that perhaps the Fedora Project needs a Technical Architect. "FESCo should appoint a person as their technical representative who speaks for overall system architecture concerns. The person in this role should actively seek out compatibility or integration problems but should also be a “go to” person for concerns that arise in the interests of distribution cohesion."

Máirín Duffy mentioned[15] that the Fedora Board now has its very own blog where the December 13th meeting minutes have already been posted[16].