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Contributor Recruitment

The Contributor Recruitment team is an ad-hoc team working on a plan to focus marketing and events toward recruiting new Fedora contributors.

The goal is to have a plan to present at the end of January.



We want to create a generalized approach that can be used to attract contributors to various Fedora teams. The initial execution should focus on teams that have the ability to successfully onboard new contributors, not the teams that are in a zombie state.


We will focus our event presence on recruiting new contributors. Plans and past results for recruiting will be the primary factor how the Mindshare committee makes funding decisions. The goal is to develop a "funnel" of potential contributors that the Join SIG can help onboard into the community. In order to support this, we will take the following steps:

  • Update the How to organize a Fedora event page (including moving to docs.fp.o) to include instructions and a timeline for:
    • Requesting badges
    • Obtaining swag
    • Obtaining recruitment material
    • Know what contribution areas are needed
    • Record recruits' contact info and pass it to the Join SIG
  • Work with community members to develop a presence at events relevant to recruitment needs that may not be traditional events (e.g. attending a Flask conference to find web developers)
  • Work with the Design team to develop templates for recruiting material (e.g. small brochures)
  • Promote the easyfix tool to existing contributors
  • Work with the Magazine team to run articles highlighting teams and their needs (note that we should not promote "zombie" teams)

We will initially focus on recruiting for the following teams:

  • Design
  • D&I


The primary goal of Fedora's presence at conferences and other large events should be contributor recruitment. This does not mean that we can't do general messaging, but that will not be the focus or how success is measured.

In order to help event participating be successful, they need...

  • Badges
  • Material that can showcase the work being done by Fedora teams
  • An up-to-date understanding of the project's current needs and active teams. (Revitalizing the Easyfix page may help)

Online campaigns

  • Fedora Magazine articles highlighting specific teams, their current work, and areas they need help with (as an example, see Adam Šamalík's Contribute to Fedora Magazine article)
  • Social media posts in direct support of those articles
  • Social media posts about tools used by the highlighted team