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== Summary ==
== Summary ==

* Minutes:
* Minutes:
* Minutes (text):
* Minutes (text):
== Transcript ==
== Transcript ==

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Meeting Time

  • 2012-03-03 04:00 UTC Click here to convert to local time
  • #fedora-meeting on
  • Meetings go for just over one hour, but sometimes go longer.

For Help on IRC


This week's APAC Ambassadors Meeting will be lead by Dramsey and co-lead by Buddhika Chandradeepa Kurera, bckurera and Truong Anh Tuan, tuanta.

Meeting Protocol


Please feel free to add your topic under the agenda section. Long agendas are hard to manage therefore keep it simple and add relevant details under the topic in short form. Please mention your name with the topic as well, then it is easy to identify who owns the topic. eg: APAC Plans for 2012 (Suresh)

Ambassador Pinging

Your name, Where your located, etc.

  • For example ".fas dramsey My name is dramsey, from Japan and I use Fedora 16 from a DVD and Fedora 17 from an .ISO. I like System Administration Topics as well as Kernels."

News from FAmSCo

  • We will skip this topic if there is no news from FAmSCo or a FAmSCo representative

News Items

  • FUDCon APAC 2012 winner is?!?!?!

Review *ACTION* items from the last meeting

APAC Trac for Regional Support

APAC Events

  • Next FUDCon APAC 2012[likely it will happen['China' or 'Malaysia']]
    • By this week, the FUDCon APAC 2012 information will be made.
    • I strongly suggest having "weekly" updates in order to support the FUDCon APAC 2012, DBR on 02/27/2012.
  • FAD/LCA/Meet Up/Fedora awareness
  • Report of past Events & current Status of upcoming events

Fedora Events Please Note: It is best to have evidence in your event report.[ie:photos+blog post]

Status of F17 Release Parties

  • Fedora 17 Release Events! - Fedora 17 Release Events!
    1. Review and plan your Fedora 17 needs, for example media, swag and anything else.
    2. FAmSCo and Regional teams call for Preparation of Media/SWAG by Thu 2012-03-08
    3. Hold Release Events and Publish Event Reports Tue 2012-05-08
    • Locally created media / swag as an option? ==> strongly suggests inquiry on funding your initiatives FAmSCo Trac
    1. Use that Fedora "This is free media" form during sending of media between countries to avoid the tax problem.
    2. What would be useful for you? Item and quantity!!!
    • Talk about Media, Swag, Sticker and other needs as well as media distribution. ==> helps Harish and Kaio and FAmSCo with our Fedora 17 planning.
  • FYI, there are F16 LiveCDs left with Mr. Harish. Contact Mr. Harish for the F16 LiveCDs. dramsey

Mr. Harish says, "I have some F16 LiveCDs left. Do mention that during the meeting."

APAC Plans for 2012 (Suresh)

  • APAC Plans for 2012
  • Great event for Beefy Miracle[F17] and F18.
    • Prize for best Event photo.
    • Announcing open source computation among the university students.
    • Year end Ambassadors report.

Fedora and Red Hat System Administration Study Group for Ambassadors (dramsey)

Teach fedora using Videos campaign (ankursinha)

Fedora Participation (dramsey as well as others who want to voice their ideas)

  1. Do you participate via IRC at #fedora-ambassadors, #fedora-apac and/or #fedora IRC channels?
  2. Do you have a HackerGotchi?
  3. Keep on doing that "Fedora" FAD here in APAC!!!  :)
  4. I like the #fedora-classroom IRC initiatives! Do you think we need to suggest a Fedora 17 Release Party Strategy IRC or Ambassadors' FYI IRC?
  5. What would help you?
  6. How can we do to help APAC grow and develop?
  7. Do you think we as APAC are getting enough "visibility?" If not then what should we do?

GSoC with Fedora (bckurera)

  1. We need ideas,

Open Floor

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Any Ideas that you have in your mind?




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