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XO Hardware


We should check if XO built in wireless adapter (Marvell Libertas 88W8388 controller and 88W8015 radio) works as specified (

  • Wireless adapter identified by the system and working properly
  • Status leds work as in speciffications (on = registered, blinking = activity) - (atodorov - PASS)
  • 802.11b/g/s connectivity
  • 802.11s functionality when CPU is powered down (BLOCKED by bug #465284 - can't suspend)

Basic Functionality


Testing XO built in wireless adapter to work with standard security protocols/encryption methods.

  • Ability to work with standard protocols and encryption methods:
    • WEP Open/Shared with ASCII/HEX key (atodorov - PR - PASS)
    • WPA/WPA2 with TKIP/AES encryption - need a radius server here...
    • WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK with TKIP/AES encryption

Advanced Functionality


Ability of the XO built in wireless adapter to operate in more advanced modes like AP-bridge or rfmon.

  • Mode Managed / Ad-Hoc / Master (AP)
  • Ability to change output power
  • RAW monitoring mode (rfmon) support


Network Manager


  • WPA & WPA2 works with NM from Shapshot 3 (rvokal)
  • WEP works with NM (qark, in progress), (atodorov - snap#3 and PR open system/shared key - PASS )

Networking configuration using Network Manager

  • VPN connection
    • vpnc (Cisco compatible) (qark, in progress), (atodorov - snap#3 and PR - PASS )
    • OpenVPN (qark, in progress)

System Config Network


Networking configuration using system-config-network.

Wired networking USB adapters


Test results

Please file your test results in the table below and link to the test case executed. Thanks!

Test Case Result Bug(s) or more info
QA/TestCases/TestCaseTemplate User:YOUR_NAME_HERE bug_number
QA/TestCases/USB_RJ45_Adapter User:atodorov Belkin USB 10/100 Ethernet Adapter, model # F5D5050
QA/TestCases/USB_RJ45_Adapter User:sharkcz ZoWii USB2.0 LAN Adapter (0b95:7720) manufactured as ZU-80
QA/TestCases/NM_WEP User:atodorov Open system/Shared key w/ password
QA/TestCases/NM_VPN_vpnc User:atodorov
QA/TestCases/NM_VPN_OpenVPN Are we going to test all of certificate/password, etc?
QA/TestCases/NM_Mobile_Broadband User:Jstanley Tested with Sierra Wireless Aircard 595U (Sprint)

AP/Encryption tests

Tested with Preview 1 (fedora-release-9.93-1) and NetworkManager 0.7.0-0.11.svn4229

Test Case/Encryption AP type Bug(s)
Public ESSID Hidden ESSID Ad-hoc
QA/TestCases/NM_WEP NM + WEP 40/128 bit User:rvokal User: lsmid User have to select 2nd (no-mesh) device User:atodorov
QA/TestCases/NM_WPA NM + WPA / WPA2 User:lsmid User: lsmid User have to select 2nd (no-mesh) device
QA/TestCases/NM_Wifi NM + No encryption User:rvokal User:lsmid User:atodorov
QA/TestCases/NetworkingWifiWEP iwconfig + WEP 64/128 bit User:vgrinco User:vgrinco
QA/TestCases/NetworkingWifiWPA iwconfig + WPA/WPA2
QA/TestCases/NetworkingWifiPlain iwconfig + no encryption User:rvokal User:atodorov
Anything else?

Color legend

Please use the following format when posting results to this page

Indicates an inprogress or test that needs further review
Indicates a test that has passed
Indicates a failed test ... see Notes for details

Known issues

  • 469835 - NM doesn't identify wireless devices on the XO - usability issue since the XO has 2 wireless devices, mesh and regular. Waiting on upstream work from OLPC.
  • _djr2 reported on IRC that if you set txpower to 20 via iwconfig it drops back to 10ish after a while. Could be related to some internal hardware power management.
  • on some XOs ifwconfig eth0 reports a bit rate of 1/2 Mb/s. Not sure if bug or not. Sugar also reports the same.