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This test case is to check that fonts/rendering are correctly displayed and strings translated in applications.


Follow up to the steps in QA:Testcase change language to switch the language if it's not what you expected to test.

How to test

  1. Look for an application to launch on desktop environment menus
  2. Run the application. Nice to test applications:
    • LibreOffice
    • Evolution, Thunderbird
    • Terminal
    • Empathy
    • GNOME PackageKit/KPackageKit
  1. Check the display of text in your language in the application (fonts/rendering/characters) such as menu items, input, output, prompts, and window contents. (GUI)

Expected Results

  1. Characters/Rendering are displayed properly and clearly in the application as well as in system menus.
  2. Input should work accordingly with proper rendering.