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Recipts are crucial.
Every expense related to the Fedora Project's budget must have a receipt. Receipts are the key to getting reimbursed for your costs. Get receipts for everything, and keep them in a safe place so you can either give or transmit them to the budget managers for reimbursement. No receipt means no reimbursement. This is non-negotiable, sorry!

The following sections give you options for how to get reimbursed, in order of decreasing preference:

Having others pay for you

You can avoid being a middle-man by having certain other people pay bills directly. This is recommended, whenever possible!

  • Members of the Community Architecture team can pay with their Red Hat credit cards.
  • In India, Rahul is your point of contact, and he in turn bills the expense to the Community Architecture budget.
  • In APAC, Harish is your point of contact.
  • In NA, EMEA, and LATAM, we have community credit cards that can be used for expenses. The receipts are collected by the card's main point of contact, and Red Hat pays the credit card bill from the Community Architecture budget. The points of contact are John Rose (NA), Joerg Simon (EMEA), and Neville Cross (LATAM).

Paying for things yourself

In order to be reimbursed for Fedora-related expenses that you pay yourself, one of the following options must be acceptable:

  1. It is paid for by you, and you are able to be reimbursed via PayPal. This method is preferred in almost all cases.
  2. It is paid for by you, and you are able to be reimbursed via cash. This method will require you to wait until you are in the same physical location as Max, and it is therefore least preferred except with people who see Max very often and who cannot take PayPal.

We are using FAmSCo's ticketing system to track reimbursement requests.

Hit "Login" on the right hand top corner and enter your fasinfo to create a new ticket.

Your ticket should include as attachments any receipts, documentation, or other information that is needed. Feel free to encrypt anything you like with Max's gpg key.

It is also essential that your Fedora wiki page be updated with information about yourself, what you do in Fedora, etc. This is necessary because it allows financial auditors to give a "+1" to the expenses, because they can see the connection to Fedora.