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| [[User:rsuehle|Ruth Suehle]] ||  || x || x ||  
| [[User:rsuehle|Ruth Suehle]] ||  || x || x ||  
| [[User:Herlo|Clint Savage]] ||  || x || x ||
| [[User:rbergero|Robyn Bergeron]] || X (devopsdays, unless we have a fad) || X || X ||
| [[User:Markdude|Mark Terranova]] || FAD  || x  || x || ALL Hail the Beefy Miracle BAMF
| [[User:Markdude|Mark Terranova]] || FAD  || x  || x || ALL Hail the Beefy Miracle BAMF
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| [Sean-  Scientes || FAD  || x  || x || BAMF
| [Sean-  Scientes || FAD  || x  || x || BAMF

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[edit] SCaLE 11X: The Southern California Linux Expo

The 11th Annual Southern California Linux Expo will be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday, February 22-24, 2013, at The Hilton Los Angeles Airport .

[edit] Date and Time

  • February 22-24, 2013 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

[edit] Location

5711 West Century Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, United States 90045

[edit] Registration

  • vwbusguy will send out registration info to participants listed on this wiki page via email. Registration is free for booth workers.

[edit] Activities

We will have a Fedora Meet and Greet on Friday for Fedora Contributors and Enthusiastics

[edit] Booth Volunteers

Please add yourself if you're planning to spend at least a little while at the Fedora Booth helping out. Also, if you're attending the activities on Friday, please note that, too (the expo floor is only open on Saturday and Sunday).

Who Friday Saturday Sunday Comments
Alejandro Acosta FAD x x I'll be the "Se habla español" guy
Scott Williams FAD x x I'll be wearing a red Fedora and maybe speaking Hebrew
Ruben Guerra FAD x x I speak both english and spanish. I can also take a Raspberry Pi running Fedora, but not a TV.
Ruth Suehle x x
Clint Savage x x
Robyn Bergeron X (devopsdays, unless we have a fad) X X
Mark Terranova FAD x x ALL Hail the Beefy Miracle BAMF
Chris Whitehorn FAD x x Bringing an extra Pi BAMF
Grant Bowman FAD x x Dangerous G. BAMF
[Sean- Scientes FAD x x BAMF

[edit] Status

Pending budget approval from FAmNA

[edit] Arrival - Departure

Who Arrive (Flight-Time) Departure (Flight-Time) Comments

[edit] Budget

FAD Budget is totally Separate and has to have a purpose and a clearly set of returnables

  • $$$$ is requested
Item Cost 'Bucket' Comments Sub-total Actual
Ambassador team lodging 4 x$130 x 2nights =1040 Ambassador $112/room per night (with taxes budget $130 per night)
(Ruben Guerra: Fedora LATAM is paying for my room)
Travel $500 Ambassador Flight for aacosta $500.00
Parking $48 Ambassador $8/car/day $48
SCALE sponsorship $750 Ambassador $750.00
Ambassador sub-total $2338.00 Ambassador $2338.00

[edit] Blogs and Reports

vwbusguy's blog

  • Details to follow