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NeuroFedora SIG


The NeuroFedora SIG's goal is to provide neuroscience researchers (and enthusiasts!) a strong, easy to use, ready-made FOSS platform for their work.

The first step towards this objective is to package as many of the tools that neuroscientists use to make them available in Fedora.

(A self-contained change request proposed by this SIG in the past is detailed here)

Communication and getting help

  • We maintain a repository for housekeeping on here.
  • We have our maling list here: neuro-sig. Feel free to ask any questions there.
  • We also hang out on at #fedora-neuro[?].
  • One can also get help on Ask Fedora and use the "Troubleshooting > Software > NeuroFedora" category to mark questions (Current list of questions).


Terezahl made us some awesome artwork for use in various locations, such as the website, and other posts (and T-shirts?!). These live on their own page here: SIGs/NeuroFedora/Artwork.

Who we are

Join us!

We encourage everyone to join the group. We're more than happy to help new members learn the skills required to participate in the project. Please contact us using the methods outlined below.

Since we use infrastructure provided by the Fedora community, one must have a Fedora account to access it. It can be created here.

There is no formal process for participating. Simply add yourself to our members-section above and apply to the Neuro-sig FAS group to gain access to the package set. While one is required to already be a package maintainer to join the group, we're happy to help you learn packaging and join the package maintainers group by co-maintain packages with us.


We shall have them, and see how it goes.


  • A complete list of packages with their current status can be seen on the packages page
  • The Neuro-SIG group's page on src.fp.o also lists the already packaged software
  • Packages under review can be seen using the tracker bug: RHBZ #1276941. Please feel free to pick them up for review.
  • An older progress kanban board is here

Adding new software

When submitting a new neuro-related package for review, please add "Blocks: fedora-neuro" to your review-request.

When the package is approved. please modify the settings of the package on and give the neuro-sig group commit rights so that we can help maintain the whole package set.