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This page records desktop validation testing test results for the Fedora F13 Alpha RC2 release.

How to test

  1. Download the ISO images for testing: please use either the DVD installer image with the default package set, or the Desktop spin, first of all. Space is provided in the results matrix for recording tests on other desktops, but the results for the default desktop environment are most important. Deltaisos for DVD images are also available.
  2. Install, if appropriate (some tests may be intended to test the un-installed live environment).
  3. Perform one or more of the test cases and add your results to the table below.
Virtual machine testing
In most cases, testing in a virtual machine is OK.


See the table below for a sample format for test results.

Test Result Explanation
Untested - This test has not been run, and is available for anyone to contribute feedback.
Pass pass liam
Passed - The test has been run and the tester determine the test met the expected results
Inprogress inprogress adamwill
Inprogress - An inprogress result is often used for tests that take a long time to execute. Inprogress results should be temporary and change to pass, fail or warn.
Fail fail jlaska [1] [2]
Failed - Indicates a failed test. A link to a bug must be provided. See Template:Result for details on providing bug information.
  1. RHBZ #XYZ
  2. RHBZ #ZXY
Warning warn rhe
Warning - This test completed and met the expected results of the test, but other issues were encountered during testing that warrant attention.
Unsupported - An unsupported test or configuration. No testing is required.

Results Matrix

Release level Test Case Desktop KDE Xfce LXDE References
Alpha QA:Testcase_desktop_browser
Alpha QA:Testcase_desktop_updates
Beta QA:Testcase_audio_basic
Beta QA:Testcase_desktop_panel_basic
Beta QA:Testcase_desktop_automount
Final QA:Testcase_desktop_error_checks
Final QA:Testcase_desktop_menus
Final QA:Testcase_desktop_panel_advanced