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[[Category:Ambassadors from the Netherlands]]
[[Category:Ambassadors from the Netherlands]]
[[Category:Dutch Team]]

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European RHCE of the Year 2008


[edit] Jeroen van Meeuwen


Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands


Blog: also on

Languages: Dutch, English, nur ein wenig Deutsch et un petit peu francais

IRC Nickname: kanarip

Date of Birth: 19 July 1983

GPG Key: 0x9342BF08 (

[edit] Revisor

I've been working on the 1.0.2 code-base JonathanSteffan had build using pirut, to get some full-blown this-does-customize-the-Fedora-distro application with both a GUI and CLI... The results (2.x) are on, and in your favorite yum repository called 'updates'.

Also check out the homepage of Revisor at

[edit] PyJigdo

An extension of the Jigsaw Downloader in python. See

[edit] Puppet

Contributions to puppet in the form of Puppet Common Modules:

Puppet Modules:

Puppet Workshop: & (Part of course materials)

[edit] CSI

[edit] Course Materials

[edit] Packages

[edit] NetworkManager Dispatcher Scripts

Just a little personal vendetta:;a=summary

[edit] Blog (latest) (old) && (new) && (even newer)

[edit] Curriculum Vitae

[edit] Events