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Deze pagina wordt op dit moment naar het Nederlands vertaald.

Het Fedora Websites Initiative heeft als doel Fedora's imago nog meer te verbeteren, alsmede het bieden van de best mogelijke interface tussen gebruikers en medewerkers op het internet.

Over Fedora Websites

De hoofdoelen van onze inspanningen omvatten:

  • Het pogen alle belangrijke Fedora websites onder één uiterlijk te brengen
  • Het onderhouden van inhoud van pagina's die niet onder een bepaald project vallen
  • Over het algemeen, de websites net zo leuk en opwindend maken als het project die ze vertegenwoordigen

In order to better achieve these goals, as well as to benefit the community, the work of this project will involve third-party site maintainers where possible. The direct work of this project is limited to the formal Fedora site:

Work on specific sections of the sites will be coordinated with the appropriate projects. A great deal of coordination will be necessary with the Fedora Infrastructure Team , Fedora Documentation Project and the Fedora Marketing Project .

For a list of community websites, see the CommunityWebsites page.

Join the Fedora Websites Project

To learn how to join Fedora Websites Project, please refer to the Join page. If you just have a quick fix or suggestion, give Show Us a look.


Bug tracking for the Fedora websites is handled through the Fedora Infrastructure Trac instance at (file a ticket under the Webmaster component )

Alternatively, email webmaster AT fedoraproject DOT org which is handled by fedora-websites-list .

Bugs that are related to the Fedora Documentation Project can be reported using this template .

A list of active page building requests from other projects within Fedora are located here Current Page Requests


Mailing List

The mailing list behind this effort is the fedora-websites-list mailing list. All contributors to this effort and interested third-party site maintainers should join this list.


The #fedora-websites channel on freenode is the best place to go for chat.


Details about the regular meetings for the Fedora Websites team can be found on the Meetings page.


CSS and Images

One can find all CSS files and images used in the Fedora sites on the web. And we encourage the community to use them directly from our urls in a cascading implementation.

This is especially true when working on official domains ( things on this list ):


Fedora CSS in your application

Load the main Fedora CSS file


And then load your custom css file and override elements as needed. Something like:

/w/skins/fedora/main.css or /css/fedora_planet.css

Fedora Images in your application

Images simply need to be loaded via their 'href' attributes' url:


Boilerplate responses to common mailing list inquires

Boilerplate Responses



The current agenda for the Fedora Websites initiative is tracked on the Tasks page.