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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-01-19

Next meeting


Review upcoming events

  • Solutions Linux 2006 (Jan 31-Feb 2) in Paris, France:

- can't have a booth but I'll be there one day only (last day)
- I can give papers and dvds to friends in the lug

- you will receive 75 Ts and 150 DVDs
- it will be 25 Ts and 50 dvds a day to distribute
- these are all Ts with old logo

- have the others take pictures of the event

  • GNUify (Feb 4-5) in Pune, India:

RahulSundaram is not present

  • Linux Asia 2006 (Feb 8-10) in New Delhi India:

RahulSundaram is not present

SankarshanMukhopadhyay is not present

- a package for this event as well and it will go out to SatishMohan
- we have divided up all the tshirts and DVDs we had among four events
- linuxAsia, Solutions Linux, FOSDEM, and SCALE 4X
- we will have more goodies when the new quarter comes (March 1)

  • SCALE 4X (Feb 11-12) in Los Angeles, CA

ThomasChung is late for report but GregDeKoenigsberg sent him the package via FedEx.

  • NOTE on donation or fund-raising at the Event:

- everybody--before we have finished the foundation's legal details, please DO NOT FUNDRAISE
- no fund-raising, at all, not until we have some kind of status
- if someone offers to buy you pizza, feel free to accept, but no money

  • FOSDEM (Feb 25-26) in Brussel, Belgium:

FredericHornain is not present

- we have sent a care package to hornain too
- 75 Ts and 150 DVDs

  • LWCE Australia (Mar 28-30) in Sydney, Australia:

- jwulf and another local enthusiast will check their availability
- will let u know via email

- we have no more DVDs for this one, but hope to have FC5 until then
- we'll have to improvise, maybe burn DVDs on site or something
- we can produce Ts and other schwag as soon as we have the new quarter

Fedora Libraries

- this is a project of ubuntu that Im going to copy :)
- the idea is to give libraries dvds and the latter will lend them like books
- afterwards they can give a try to Fedora and copy the dvd etc
- but to be honest this will be mostly done by lugs
- ambassadors or members of the lugs can give a small intro about fedora

- we have not found maintainer for LiveCD project yet.
- we posted a call for maintainer for LiveCD project twice in FWN

LinuxTag and FUDCon

- Is there a FUDCon in LinuxTag (Wiesbaden,Germany) ?
- I haven't done anything till now

- please get in touch with LinuxTag and reserve a booth for fedora
- we will try to have a FUDCon there too
- FUDCon is good, but being at the event with a booth in the .ORG area is essential

- we are allowed to have 3-4 FUDCons in a year
- we are planning to have it in LinuxAsia, LinuxTag and LinuxWorld (Boston)

Schwag pipepline

- Right now, there *is* *no* *pipeline*. There is *me* and *Alex*.
- We're working to famsco. We're working that plan

Email Aliases for

- email aliases issue can be moved to closed issues
- everyone in Ambassadors should sign up in Fedora Account System in order to get email aliases
- this issue has been moved to closed issues

Funding Options for Show

- we can come up with some creative funding ways
- we gotta establish some boundaries for possible partnerships

Presentations for Ambassadors

- we already got some presentations in
- we could have a few default models, i.e. for schools and universities, another for gov agencies

- has been working on localizing an FC presentation to Brazilian Portuguese
- we should have one about the FEDORA CORE, other about fedora foundation, FDS, Fedora Cluster Suite

- will work on localizing an FC presentation for Italian market

Standard Kits for Ambassadors

- We need a banner for Fedora Project for an event
- Fedora mouse pads? Fedora pens?

- need to be light (as in weight) and flexible material
- gotta check costs
- gotta be durable
- can you get us some quotes on different materials

- Fedora pins? Fedora LiveCDs?

Business Cards for Ambassadors

- We should have some space on it for the GPG fingerprint
- they could be used in keysigning parties too

- Removed Business Card option #4 since its color is not official
- we should have an option to print them ourselves
- will count the votes for biz card options from archive and irc
- will send out meeting minutes if someone send me a full IRC log

- Time to check list archive and make a decision on the votes
- bus cards are a crucial material and i believe we cannot take much longer
- talk to our graphic designer about these
- standard dimension for the paper? color specifications? printer technologies?
- please count the votes for biz card options in the archive and post'em to the list