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Closed/Completed Tasks

Issues that we've closed are listed below.

Task Name Owner Priority Completed Date Notes
Preparation & planning for f.r.c/docs -> All High April 2007 Waiting on CMS from Fedora Websites.
fedora-dsco-list - stay or go FDSCo Middle 04-May2007 Does FDSCo need a stand-alone list for administrivia, or should all be pushed to f-docs-l? Nope, closed.
MoinMoin update to 1.5.6 PauloSantos, KarstenWade 21-Feb-2007 Working with Infrastructure ; 1.5.6 is live for testing
Desktop User Guide KarstenWade 1 2007-02-18 FDP team completed final publication edit, John Babich copied the FC6 content to Docs/DesktopUserGuide , announced availability of document, put a link in the draft to that, and opened Docs/Drafts/DesktopUserGuide for content updates targeted for F*7
New Default Browser Splash Page DimitrisGlezos 1 FC6 Replaced /usr/share/HTML/index.html with a nicer, pointed splash page; in the FC6 release; still some work happening on adaptive index.
Installation Guide PaulWFrields 1 FC6 release Translations arriving, have begun to post the FC6 guide.
Update the relnotes page on f.r.c to highlight latest relnotes (This task moved out of list since it is not specific) KarstenWade, PaulWFrields Post-FC5 2006-03-20
OPL change FDSCo, Websites PMC Immediate ca. 2006-03-15
Anaconda team contact StuartEllis 2005-11-10 (before test2) Connection established between Anaconda devel and FDP.
Mirror-tutorial PaulWFrields 2 2006-01-01 Published
Colophon relnotes KarstenWade 1 2005-12-24 Drafting in Wiki Colophon
Convert RPM Guide to DocBook from StuartElliss 2 2005-10-18 In progress, see rpm-guide module in CVS.
Fully define FDP staging server KarstenWade 1 2005-09-01 No URL yet.
Update documentation on f.r.c/docs, including UTF-8 versions of several documents PaulWFrields 2 2005-06-25 Done!
Create schedule page TommyReynolds 1 2005-05-03 This will always be a work in progress.
Have docs added to TammyFox 1 2005-05-04 Done!
Make top-level CVS directories TommyReynolds 1 2005-05-10 Done!
Direct anaconda team (JeremyKatz) to IG beta PaulWFrields 1 2005-05-12 Done!
Added callout graphics support to CVS TommyReynolds 1 2005-05-17 Done!
Remove old CVS info from f.r.c TammyFox 1 2005-05-17 Done!
Editing IG PaulWFrields , StuartEllis 1 2005-06-09 Done!
Client side XML formatting chain PaulWFrields 1 2005-08-01 In progress, dependent on licensing questions (xmlformat)
Keyword for CVS commit logs KarstenWade, ElliotLee 1 Almost complete The keyword chosen is *docs*, should this be the less wildcard-looking **docs**? [docs] and //docs// also proposed.
Release Notes announcements KarstenWade 1 2005-09-15 Time to announce the need for relnotes, internal and external; need to combine with information about relnotes beats; need to include how to use Wiki for submissions, making the relnotes Wiki structure a dependency for this task; also use a pre-filled bugzilla report; specify that submissions are useful for final release and test1; note the deadline for translation.
Define how tasks are tracked KarstenWade 1 2005-09-20 Update project task list with information about the task tracking on schedule page
Figure out documentation translation process, document the process KarstenWade, fedora-trans-list et al 1 2005-10-18 Details for CVS being worked out. Tommy i18n'ized the Makefile. All of the trans process and tools are the purview of the i18n team(s). Process needs to be documented. Karsten needs to get an answer if he should just tell people to come to /docs/cvs and be ready? Don't forget i18n on the common XML! Latest Translation page holds the temporary process
Finalize Documentation Guide outline PaulWFrields , TammyFox et al. 2 2005-07-01 To start after IG publication/FC4 final release
Update CVS chapter in Documentation Guide TammyFox 2 2005-05-23 In progress