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Bug Triage Meeting :: 2008-10-28


  • poelcat
  • jds2001
  • kulll
  • jlaska
  • quantumburnz

Important points

  • Still no update from FEver owner--poelcat sent email
  • triage priorities remain the same...
    • 605 untriaged bugs presently
  • poelcat still needs to update BugZapper wiki page with "why triage is important"
  • getting BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Fedora10 prepared
    • quantumburnz updated the page and took a shot at the queries--we need to double check them
    • whiteboard tag of noauto is not in use for any bug--we will not include it in our queries
    • bugs which package maintainers want to remain indefinitely in rawhide version should add keyword: FutureFeature
      • even if it is not an RFE this is okay

Meeting Time and Day

  • With change to Day Light Savings Time meeting will still occur at 10:00 AM Eastern
  • Adjust to new time of 15:00 UTC starting with next meeting on 2008-11-04

IRC Transcript

poelcat good {morning,afternoon,evening} 07:02
poelcat who is here? 07:02
* jds2001 07:03
kulll elo 07:03
poelcat jds2001: kulll hi 07:03
kulll what's the agenda 07:04
poelcat kulll: followup BugZappers/Meetings/Minutes-2008-Oct-21 07:04
poelcat and whatever else people want to discuss 07:04
poelcat kulll jds2001 anything you'd like to cover specifically? 07:05
* jds2001 sucks and joined the blocker review channel but didnt do anything :( 07:06
* jds2001 was working at $DAYJOB til about 9pm yesterday and the festivities had concluded :) 07:06
* jlaska alert 07:06
poelcat jlaska: hi 07:07
poelcat okay, i'll run through last week's followup and then we can go from there 07:07
poelcat 1) FEver... I emailed the owner to see what they decided to do 07:08
poelcat and haven't heard back yet 07:08
poelcat so no more news there 07:08
poelcat 2) triage priorities remain the same... 07:08
poelcat keep reviewing NEW/incoming rawhide bugs to make sure we are identifying blockers 07:09
poelcat any comments so far? 07:09
* jlaska sees 605 bugs found 07:09
poelcat yes, they are there :) 07:12
* jds2001 should work on some, I've been slacking, working more on python-bugzilla and learning python :/ 07:12
poelcat it is about 130 bugs less than last week! 07:12
jds2001 great! 07:13
rsc poelcat: oh, shall I open up a few new ones? ;) 07:14
* poelcat is running out of ideas for how to enage more people, etc. 07:14
poelcat rsc: as long as you triage 5 for every one that you open ;-) 07:14
jlaska poelcat: wow, you guys are on fire 07:16
* kulll wonders how many people who do the triage 07:17
jds2001 quantumburnz has been doing good :) 07:17
jds2001 i opened a bug against one of my packages a few months ago for an update and forgot to close it :) 07:17
poelcat kulll: it is kind of hard to tell 07:18
jds2001 he found it and mentioned it was already fixed, complete with the relevant changelog :) 07:18
poelcat on a related note... our next followup was 3) "why triage bugs" 07:18
* jds2001 wonders what angle to take at FUDCon in Jan. 07:19
poelcat i was supposed to update the wiki after waiting for more feedback 07:19
poelcat i accomplished the second part, but not the first :) 07:19
jds2001 lol 07:19
poelcat any preferences on where to put the information? 07:19
jds2001 was there feedback? 07:19
poelcat one comment to my blog 07:20
poelcat two actually.. 07:20
poelcat 4) next topic was getting BugZappers/HouseKeeping/Fedora10 prepared 07:22
poelcat quantumburnz updated the page and took a shot at the queries 07:22
poelcat we need to verify the queries, wording, etc. by next week's meeting 07:22
poelcat and then i'll file the tickets with RHT eng-ops 07:22
jds2001 cool, i didnt get email though 07:23
* jds2001 hates not being able to watch an entire namespace in MW 07:23
jds2001 ianweller_afk!!!!! :) 07:23
poelcat quantumburnz also floated the idea of rebasing CLOSED rawhide bugs... which I'm not sure if we've considered before 07:24
jds2001 not a bad idea, but what's to be gained? 07:24
poelcat it sounds messy/unecessary to me, but we can discuss it if people want to 07:24
jds2001 oh, we should probably loudly advertise the noauto option in the status whiteboard 07:25
poelcat just the idea of being completely consistent with pegging rawhide bugs to their actual numerical value release 07:25
jds2001 that way we don't get flamefest (we still will, but we can say lookie here....) 07:26
poelcat jds2001: would you be up for drafting another announce to fed-dev-ann ? 07:26
jds2001 sure thing! 07:26
poelcat explaing that the rebase is coming on or around GA and how to opt out 07:26
poelcat i'd prefer to focus on use of FutureFeature keyword for keeping things pegged to 'rawhide' version 07:27
jds2001 yep, me too. 07:27
* poelcat has already forgotten what 'noauto' was supposed to do 07:27
poelcat i don't think it is documented anywhere either, though i could be wrong 07:28
jds2001 oh, i thought i saw it last week 07:28
* jds2001 could be seeing things again 07:29
poelcat undocumented feature? :) 07:29
jds2001 nah, it's to opt out of the rebase 07:31
jds2001 BugZappers/HouseKeeping/TicketTemplate#Rawhide_Rebase 07:31
jds2001 i think some maintainers said that things that weren't really RFE's should remain in rawhide 07:32
poelcat i guess i was leaning towards overloading meaning of FutureFeature instead of two different methods 07:33
poelcat whiteboard vs. keyword 07:33
jds2001 yeah 07:37
jds2001 sorry, checking mail :) 07:37
poelcat so 'noauto' is in our procedure, but i'm not sure where we tell people how/when to use it 07:38
jds2001 right 07:39
jds2001 we should either take it out, since we have other things to perform the same function 07:39
jds2001 or leave it and advertise it. 07:39
poelcat i'd vote for taking it out 07:43
poelcat unless we have specifically told people how/where to use it 07:43
* jds2001 looks 07:44
* jds2001 searched my gmail and finds no reference 07:45
kulll elo quantumburnz 07:50
jds2001 poelcat: so the vote is to remove it? 07:51
poelcat +1 07:51
jds2001 +1 here 07:51
poelcat jds2001: i guess a last step would be a query to find any bugs that have it 07:52
* jds2001 is gonna bet 0 07:52
poelcat anything else before we wrap-up? 07:53
jds2001 Zarro Boogs found. 07:53
quantumburnz hey kulll, how's everyone doin? 07:53
poelcat quantumburnz: hi 07:53
quantumburnz i'm an hour late aren't i? 07:53
jds2001 yeah :) 07:54
poelcat 53 minutes ;-) 07:54
quantumburnz bah. damn UTC time. 07:54
jds2001 10AM eastern :) 07:54
poelcat one last question... should I keep sending reminders to f-t-l about our meetings or is that getting old/unecessary? 07:54
jds2001 well, reminders are sent about pretty much every other meeting :) 07:55
poelcat "for a limited time" i'd be willing to send personalized reminders if it can help increase attendance :) 07:55
quantumburnz i think it's a nice reminder 07:55
jds2001 btw, what are we gonna do about DST? 07:56
* jds2001 votes keeping it at 10AM :) 07:56
poelcat so move to 13:00 UTC ? 07:57
jds2001 er, 15:00UTC 07:58
quantumburnz 1500UTC = 11AM EST? 07:58
ivazquez 11am EDT. 07:59
jds2001 10AM EST 08:00
poelcat i'll figure out the correct UTC to continue to have our meeting at 10 AM eastern 08:02
poelcat and include in next week's reminder 08:02
poelcat does anyone want a personal reminder? 08:02
poelcat otherwise I think that is all for today 08:02
quantumburnz i'm gonna put a reminder for 10am eastern in my phone right now for next week ;) 08:03
poelcat thanks everyone! 08:04

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