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The Freemedia program sends out Fedora media to end users. Please do not join the team if you require Fedora media, instead, please see Request Media
Thank you for your interest in the Fedora Free Media Program! This is a volunteer-driven initiative under Fedora Distribution Project that aims to distribute Updated Fedora Media (USB-Ready Installable Images) for free to individuals who can't afford to buy or download. Please note this is completely a community- driven, volunteer-driven system - volunteers pay out of their own pockets for any associated delivery costs, hence the 'free (to end-user) media' aspect. More Fedora Ambassadors or Contributors are invited to participate. If you have any questions about the program, please drop one of the admins an e-mail, or file a ticket at the Free-Media/Housekeeping project instance. Please do not write directly to program coordinators requesting media.


We use Free-Media/Housekeeping to manage the programme. Please file a ticket there if you have any issues. Team members are encouraged to hang out on our IRC channel - #fedora-freemedia[?].

The current administrators are:

  1. EMEA - Rvalkass, Twohot, Ankursinha
  2. NA - Linuxmodder
  3. LATAM - Fredlima
  4. APAC - Kartik0709

What do we expect from you

We expect your assistance in providing time and resources to:

  1. get the ISO of the current Fedora Release. (Using Fedora-Respins, whenever possible: RespinsSIG/Respins)
  2. do what you can to help out. 1 or 2 discs per month, is all we ask.
  3. pay the wrapping and postage to ship those disks. We encourage helping primarily in your 'region' to reduce the cost/hardship on your efforts.

You are not expected to provide boxes, printed sleeves or printed labels. Writing with a soft tip marker and a standard CD mailer is enough.
A FreeMedia Mailer has been created to aid this process and it is available here.

Feel free to donate more media and send 'printed' USBs if you wish. You can even send media to other countries if you wish. Please always keep in mind that this is a volunteer initiative and we strongly suggest that you not spend more that you can afford.

How to join

Please get in touch with the admins if you have any doubts at all.

  1. Create an account at Fedora Account System (FAS). If you already are a Fedora Contributor, the go directly to the second step. (Please make sure to include Country Code in your FAS profile)
  2. Please make sure your personal wiki page is in place with your contact details. Please include your country of residence. Your personal wiki page will be located as the following example:<FAS_account> You can find out the template for personal wiki page here.
  3. Open a ticket at the Freemedia Housekeeping Pagure instance with [membership-request] in the ticket title with the following info:
    1. Your user wiki page link
    2. The region you'll provide freemedia to
    3. The e-mail for the mailing list subscription, this can be your fas forwarding service email, for example:
  4. A team admin will approve your request, add you to the FAS group and the mailing list.
  5. Once your membership requests to the FAS group and the mailing list are approved, you *MUST* e-mail the Fedora Free Media Program Mailing List an e-mail introducing yourself.