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Working group no longer meeting
The Community Working Group is no longer active and does not hold meetings. But do not despair! You can still participate in community-oriented discussions with the Diversity Team. Feel free to see what we're working on at our wiki page and Pagure.


The mission of the Community Working Group is to help to maintain a friendly and welcoming community, thereby ensuring the Fedora Project remains a great project enjoyed by all contributors and users. The primary avenue for achieving this is by helping contributors to communicate better with each other.


Specific duties of the Community Working Group may include:

  • Serving as mediators[1]_ to facilitate a discussion between two parties
  • Defusing tensions in a situation by helping to clarify ideas
  • Helping to frame debates in terms of problems to be overcome to achieve a goal
  • Helping to make decisions address as many concerns as possible without sacrificing their core value
  • Alerting governance bodies that do enforcement of any conflicts that may have escalated beyond the CWG's ability to defuse the situation.

Specific anti-duties of the Community Working Group:

  • Playing the role of arbitrator (Read this article's introduction to see the difference between mediation and arbitration) in a dispute
  • Making judgments in a dispute

As a group, the Community Working Group seeks to provide people who are neutral third parties to aid in communication, defusing tense situations, and keeping conversations flowing along productive paths.


Currently, the Community Working Group is being reformulated. Initial members will be listed when selected by the Board. As time progresses, the membership will be more fluid and may no longer be listed directly on this page.

Selection policy

The initial members of the CWG shall be chosen by the Board. After the initial bootstrapping, the Board envisions the CWG allowing others to join by showing up to participate in the group. The Board strongly believes that the CWG will need to establish procedures and precedents for itself so that new members of the group are given responsibilities gradually. The current members of the group should have the power to limit what issues new members are able to take on in an official CWG capacity until they feel the new member has the necessary skills to alleviate tensions and serve the needs of all sides of a dispute. How the CWG chooses to do this is up to the current members.



Meeting schedules and summaries can be found here. Meetings are held in the #fedora-meeting channel on IRC.

Currently, the Community Working Group is not meeting. Once reformulated, regular meetings will recommence.