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This page is to track the Actions, Ambassadors, Events, Contributors belongs to Fedora Singapore Community.

Contact Details



Date Event Location Owner Notes Estimated Attendance
01 December 17th 2014 Fedora 21 Release Party Singapore Danishka Navin
02 Feb 7th 2014 Tech Life 2015 at UWCSEA Singapore Danishka Navin
03 March 13-15th 2015 FOSSASIA Singapore
04 2015 Event in Singapore Polytechnic Singapore
05 2015 FOSS Projects at UWCSEA Singapore Danishka Navin
06 2015 Fedora Contributor Meetup Singapore
07 June~Aug 2015 Code Extreme Apps Singapore
08 2015 IDA School Bus Singapore
09 November 2015 Software Freedom Day Singapore
10 March 18th - 20th 2016 FOSSASIA Singapore Woo Huiren
11 Q2 2016 Tertiary Competition Outreach Singapore Woo Huiren

Actions to be done

Action Owner Notes Status
01 cms
02 logo Er Qi Yang refer to email subject "Fedora.SG Logo Draft"
03 irc
04 Ambassador tshirt distribution Danishka Navin Done
05 Mailing List Danishka Navin Done