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Accepted talk list is here 
Talk No:20/33/38/43/44/64/65/66/76/78/83


Add yourself if you are coming.

No. Name T-Shirt Size Comments Accommodation
1 RahulSundaram L Proposing to do presentations/workshops as part of Fedora Project day and otherwise Not yet determined
2 SusmitShannigrahi M Proposing to do workout/talks as per Project Day Nothing yet.
3 JoergSimon XL Proposing to do presentations as a Fedora Contributor i take care for myself together with max
4 Kedar Sovani M Fedora-ARM: Past, Present and Future if possible
5 Steven Fernandez L Attending as a delegate and helper at the hackfest with friends
6 Ankur Sinha M Attending as a delegate, please ping me if I can be of assistance no idea yet


POTD Sessions

Session Name Description Type (Talk/Workshop/Sprint) Duration Audience Level Owner
The Fedora Security Spin and the OSSTMM How the Fedora-Security-Spin support's the only Security Testing Open Source Standard Talk+HandOnDemonstration 45min IT Security People JoergSimon
Integrating a Free and open source software project into Fedora If you are wondering how upstream software projects gets integrated and kept updated in Fedora, now is your chance to find out. I will talk about the tools involved from the end user perspective (PackageKit, yum and RPM) and developer perspective (Koji build system, Bodhi update system etc) and walk you through the review and update process as a Fedora developer and package maintainer Practical hands on talk and demo One hour Potential contributors RahulSundaram
How to create your own Fedora Remix Creating your own distribution can be fun and easy. Come, get involved and see how it is done Workout 1 hour Beginner RahulSundaram
Redrawing and rewriting Fedora Distribution process It is a long pending task, getting a web app for optimizing offline fedora distribution Workout 1hours Webapp/Turbogear people, may be parallel with other sessions SusmitShannigrahi
Dorrie Get involved and pour in ideas into the webapp for creating Fedora Spins and Remixes Workout 2hours Python/Django hackers, Web Designers Shreyank Gupta

Main conf, not part of POTD

Session Name Description Type (Talk/Workshop/Sprint) Duration Audience Level Owner
Fedora-ARM: Past, Present and Future A discussion on Fedora-ARM, the current status, challenges faced, and the path ahead. Talk 30-45min Users, Potential contributors Kedar Sovani

Workout (Not part of POTD)

Session Name Description Type (Talk/Workshop/Sprint) Duration Audience Level Owner
Hacking Boog is a bug reporting tool. We will fix all bugs reported and add some new features Workout 2 hours Python developers KushalDas

Not accepted (Yet)

Session Name Description Type (Talk/Workshop/Sprint) Duration Audience Level Owner
Fedora in Indian (Engg) Colleges, what are we lacking? We have made considerable progress, but not as much as we should have. What should we focus on? Discussion 30-45min Existing contributors SusmitShannigrahi
OLPC Sugar Fedora workout Integrating the missing bits from XO into Fedora Workout 2hours developers, package maintainers of Fedora and Sugar KushalDas Sayamindu Dasgupta
Software packages review session We have hundreds of packages waiting on th review queue. Let's review them! Workout 3 hours Primarily for existing Fedora package maintainers RahulSundaram

Event Owners

RahulSundaram, SusmitShannigrahi, KushalDas

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# blog posts
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