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HACKMIT Hackathon, 2016


Event Description

HACKMIT is an annual hackathon event at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where students from around the country flock to MIT for a weekend of programming and contest. They create things, solve practical problems, compete for prizes, and interact with sponsors. Historically, HACKMIT hosts close to 1,000 or more students each year.

Google's definition of a hackathon: An event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming.

Why attend this event? MIT is one of the most well-known technical institutions in the US. At this event, there are possibly more than a thousand students from around the country who are passionate and interested in programming or development. This is a great opportunity for Fedora to make an impact at a university level, following along with the University Involvement Initiative set forth by the Fedora Council.


Event Owners

Fedora Representatives

Maximum number of Ambassadors for event: 2

Event Checklist

  • Create a Google Drive form for the event to get students interested in Fedora to add their information in

Event Schedule

The schedule has not yet been released.

Ideas / Brainstorming

  • Sponsorship information coming soon
    • Red Hat (a la spot) has offered Fedora the opportunity to tag along with Red Hat, who plans on sponsoring the event as well.
  • Mentors welcome and encouraged (if you can code, there are ways for you to help represent Fedora as a knowledgeable programmer)
  • Swag to give out: pens, stickers, media?
    • In the event box
  • Ideas to specifically appeal to college students to open source / Linux / Fedora?

Negotiated Deal

  • Red Hat sponsoring, offered room for two Ambassadors (leaving travel expenses to us)

Prize Pool

Not applicable for HACKMIT 2016.

Important Deadlines


Event Budget

Item Cost Comments
Sponsorship $0 Booth-sharing with Red Hat
Shipping costs ~$100 Covers shipping of event box to MIT and back
Prize funds $0 Not applicable
Swag, media, flyers ~$30 Printing "Fedora <3 Python" flyers?
Lodging expenses $402.12 (hotel, one night, two adults) Crowne Plaza Boston-Natick
Travel subsidies $100 (roundtrip, carpooling) Checked from ROC => BOS in cprofitt's car

Estimated final cost: ~$597.12

Approved budget (2016-06-30): $750.00

Travel Subsidy Requests

Travel Subsidy Requests
Each attendee requesting travel subsidies for the event should be listed here including the information requested in Sponsoring Event Attendees.
  • jflory7: $402.12 (hotel)
  • cprofitt: ~$100 (gas and tolls roundtrip)

Event Report