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2009-03-17 0500 UTC on #fedora-meeting at Freenode


  • ibus
    • hotkey adjustments
  • F11 status: blockers and target bugs
    • ibus-hangul updated
  • I18n Bug day -- JensPetersen
    • need a wiki page
  • ibus test event plans -- AkiraTagoh
    • initial draft page
  • Transifex multi-po file support
    • bugs filed upstream
  • f11 relnotes
    • beta notes on ibus
  • Open discussion
    • ibus transifex


paragn hi
juhp time for the fedora-i18n meeting here
sorry I am a little late
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juhp who else is here?
jni_ juhp, hi
* rahulb here
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pravins hi all
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juhp hi guys
tibbs|h tdiehl tagoh3 technmag tc14151617 thomasj_ than
ok just sneaked ibus back into the agenda
ok let's get started
* ibus
phuang_: thanks - hopefully it will make rawhide happy :)
phuang_ juhp, It should fixed firefox problem
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paragn I got rawhide working fine with this new ibus build
juhp great
I will try too
phuang_: maybe bug 492929 is the same?
buggbot Bug medium, low, ---, phuang, NEW, ibus-hangul can cause gtk app to lockup
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juhp (hmm maybe we need a bug bot for our bug and QA events)
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phuang_ juhp, maybe. I can not reproduce it with the new version
juhp phuang_: warren has been pushing for having individual hotkeys per IME
but it may require some basic change to ibus?
phuang_ right
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phuang_ I think it is not possible for f11
juhp hm ok
phuang_: so f12?
dychen_ hi
phuang_ for f12, we could spend more time to discuss it with users
juhp I think if we have parity with scim for f11 it is not so bad but that will leave the global Ctrl+Space?
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phuang_ And make a final decision
juhp should we drop Ctrl+Space for f11 (except for zh and indic)?
phuang_ I don't know.
juhp if we have Shift+Space for Korean (+ others?) and Alt-` for ja
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juhp tagoh3: how do you think?
dychen_ juhp:
phuang_ But I have dropped Ctrl+Space for ko, may be in ja too
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juhp phuang_: so per locale rather than per IME
for now
though I am leaning to towards thinking that per IME hotkeys is a good idea
phuang_ juhp, yeah. we can use gconf schemas localize feature to archive it. So it is easy.
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juhp ok
phuang_: do we have sufficient bugs in bz to cover that?
phuang_ I'd like group IMEs by language, and per language has a set of hot key
juhp phuang_: right sound good
phuang_ juhp, no, but Korean users don't want Ctrl + space
juhp though some IME might have some specific hotkey traditionally
phuang_: ok - I guess it is same in jp though some may be used to it from scim
phuang_ juhp, So drop C-space in ja too?
juhp I think so
phuang_ OK
paragn I have not seen anyone reporting any problems for C-space for Indic. So I guess its ok to have Ctrl-Space for Indic
phuang_ paragn, I keep Ctrl + space for other locales, except ja & ko
paragn ok
juhp anything else on ibus now?
phuang_ I think I could fix those anthy key related bugs in this week, if I get the detail about them.
juhp phuang_: so all locale?
phuang_ juhp, all locale?
juhp phuang_: great - please more questions if you need more info - I tried to describe as best I can in bz
phuang_: Ctrl+Space for all other locale?
phuang_ juhp, right
juhp hmm ok
not sure if Warren will like that but we shall see
okay we better move on
phuang_ juhp, btw, It will be better if we have a Japanese guy to help me maintain the anthy engine.
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juhp phuang_: yes I know - still thinking about that
phuang_ juhp, thanks
juhp I think tagoh3 and I can also help with it
phuang_ great
juhp phuang_: but if you have time to fix those hotkeys issues quickly that will be probably be quicker for f11
phuang_ juhp, sure.
juhp * F11 status: blockers and target bugs
well maybe we should talk about the bug first/rather
but this was already on the agenda
phuang_: btw any news about ibus-hangul? I asked mkim though and she thought hanja and hangul layouts need not be f11 blockers though fwiw
okay they are already gone
phuang_ juhp, I built the new ibus-hangul, it should fix key layout & hanja conversion problems
buggbot <> (at
juhp phuang_: awesome!
* juhp wonders about bug 492510
buggbot Bug medium, low, ---, fangqq, NEW, Regression: wqy-bitmap-fonts preferred font over truetype fonts
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juhp hmm
wqy bitmap is not installed by default so I don't really think it is blocker
well let's pass on it for now - maybe something for the bug day
gdm translation updates are done I believe - at least ja fixed now :)
ok target bugs don't look too bad either
* I18n Bug day
everyone is very quiet
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juhp on Thursday we will have a i18n bug day to triage i18n bugs for f11
hopefully we will be able to move a lot of bugs back or forward - close ones that are already fixed etc and test with latest rawhide
please join the event on #fedora-i18n
paragn k
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juhp there was a question if we can split up the bug lists in some way or how to avoid people touching the same bugs
it is a bit hard
any ideas or thoughts
so we could just split it up arbitrarily too but that seems less attractive in some ways
paragn why not to split bugs based on say fonts bug, keymap bugs, ibus/IM bugs and other bugs
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juhp yep of course for our own bugs that makes sense - but there are also other bugs for package in the distro, plus bugs for f10 and f9 which would be nice to get rid of
well need to look at the distribution of the bugs over packages and see if there is a good way
I will try to tackle that tomorrow maybe
paragn ok
Kaio I want to resolve font bugs fi there are some chances.
juhp but any ideas/suggestions welcome
kanarip KageSenshi Kaio
Kaio: ok good
I think I should make a wiki page - maybe that is the place to do it
ok more on that later
before Thu I mean
* ibus test event plans
okay was hoping tagoh3 would talk on this
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juhp anyway he made a draft for the QA Test event proposal for ibus
which I didn't get round to reviewing yet: I18N/F11TestEvent
okay we probably need to add a bit more detail but it is a good start
guess we need an explicit list of applications and a test table maybe
anyway there is still time available but we can propose to fedora-qa
paragn ok
juhp * Transifex multi-po file support
asgeirf: I think you filed some bugs upstream for this? :)
okay anyway there are various pushing for this but not very sure if it will land in time for f11
anyway sounds like it will be ready in good time for f12
tagoh3 juhp: sorry
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juhp hi tagoh3
* f11 relnotes
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Sonar_Guy stahnma_ sonar_logger2 skvidal sm|CPU spot seku SMParrish Sonar_Gal sm|test-box spstarr_work SmootherFrOgZ sspreitzer spevack StillBob stickster_afk sflanigan
asgeirf juhp: sorry, was away in another meeting :|. i have filed 2 feature requests for multifile support
juhp: and
juhp thanks to sankarshan we had some discussion on lack of mention of i18n in the beta relnotes
I will try to add something today
asgeirf: thanks - so maybe pre-f11 is unlikely?
on ibus
asgeirf juhp: i saw on #transifex this morning that someone from #fedora-docs volunteered to help implement support for it, so perhaps...
juhp not sure if the beta relnotes are translated otherwise guess the pointer to ibus will miss translation
pravins juhp: rahulb i think we can add some for collation and new language support
juhp asgeirf: ok cool
pravins profdgy
pravins: maybe for the final notes?
that would be good
pravins yeah
rahulb yep we sure can
juhp I think the i18n beat should be in the final relnotes anyway
anything else here?
rahulb along with few new languages that are supported now
juhp great
you know where the i18n doc beat is? :)
* Open discussion
anything else to discuss today?
Kaio I'd like to ask about GPLv3+
kanarip KageSenshi Kaio
parag suggested me to use GPLv3+ for License field in .spec file.
wonders the reasons and how to align related doc in rpm with this req.
juhp ok perhaps we can take that discussion off-line or after the meeting
asgeirf hm, one other item: ibus translations
juhp asgeirf: ah yes
Kaio juhp☺ sure
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asgeirf if we want to get this fast-tracked before F11 translations, I suggest an alternate solution such as a fedora-hosted project
juhp asgeirf: phuang_ what do you think?
asgeirf: packagekit is on freedesktop?
phuang_: ? sorry
asgeirf juhp: yep, but they have a private repo on that transifex has access to
juhp aha
asgeirf juhp: and rhughes has a script (or does some manual magic) to sync this with the upstream sources
juhp ok
asgeirf: the ticket is about a missing host key?
* phuang_ am reading the ticket
asgeirf juhp: yeah, but i think mmcgrath has some security concerns about giving transifex key access to fedorapeople as well...
juhp I see
okay let's think our options over carefully and take some action asap
otherwise we will miss the ongoing translation window
asgeirf yep, perhaps we'll finish the topic here and take it as an action item after the meeting?
juhp right
phuang_ asgeirf, I could add transifex ssh key into github writer list for ibus repo
asgeirf, Is it OK?
asgeirf phuang_: but this requires transifex to sign up for an account on github right? And that might breach the github terms of use :(
phuang_ asgeirf, I am not sure. I could add your ssh key at first, and do a test
sflanigan it has to be a human. term 2
but automated usage is allowed; they have an API
juhp asgeirf: are there any other possible hacks beyond passing .po files to translations directly - like just importing a tarball directly into tx?
sflanigan sorry, "it has to be a human" just means at signup time.
juhp translators
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juhp okay anyway probably needs more time to solve than we have here
asgeirf juhp: having a clone of the repo on e.g. would be the simplest solution i think. transifex currently only supports vcs hosted projects
juhp right
but then maybe easier just to host on fedorahosted - well dunno that decision has not been made though we were leaning to freedesktop
okay let's close the meeting here - we're out of time
or over anyway
asgeirf :)
juhp thanks everyone for participating
# meeting closed

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